Sight Mark AccuDot Laser BoreSighter 223 model review 

Laser Bore Sighter

Laser BoreSighter is enhancing the accuracy of your shot when hunting its operation is easy, the 1st BoreSighter will be crate a point on the distant target, after which you can align your view with that point, the boring of the gun instead of your target location.

Laser Bore Sighter is very commonly used or important for those who have a firearm that allows you to fast and very easy sight going into the gun range.

BoreSights is not used only to align your vision but also to make your vision visible, quickly calibrate your target to a certain distance by placing a laser bore in the arsenal. 

Sight Mark AccuDot Laser BoreSighter

This compact 1.BB laser bore is designed for fast gun drilling and display it is equipped with visible red laser light with a wavelength of 632 to 650nm. However the red light of the day is not very clear and bright so, it is difficult to find dots under the sun. Red laser stamp work best in fuzzy areas or low light condition

Sight Mark AccuDot .223/5.56 NATO red Laser BoreSights is the most efficient way to accurately see your firearm and save the sling, AccuDot adds rechargeable, internal lithium-ion supercapacitor technology, saving shooters money and time tarrying to find batteries. Auto activation also helps save battery life as well as consumes energy only when there is a bore set chamber.  

The biggest complaint about this laser bore claim is that it has been underlined for some .223 rifle chambers. The product can be jammed into the chamber and is difficult to remove.

There have also been some minor complaints about the battery begin drained quickly if released into the product. The manufacturer claims that this model has a range of 15-100 feet, but some users have stead that it is more accurate 20-100 feet. On the other hand, the battery life is very shot as it can run for 1 hour straight with only 2ag 5 battery or 3ag 3 battery.  


  • Caliber: .223 Remington 
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable 
  • Colour: Brass 


  • Save the cost on ammo 
  • Auto activation
  • Durable brass construction 
  • Lifetime warranty 

Match for: 

  • Visible red laser light
  • No switch to turn on
  • One-hour battery life


  • Battery life 15 hours
  • Easy to use
  • Ballistic target system use


  • Oxidization issue
  • High cost

Which factor are consider when you buying Sight Mark AccuDot Laser BoreSighter

  • Price
  • Ease of use
  • Performance
  • Overall build quality
  • Battery life


Selecting best Laser BoreSighter is not an easy task you can think about various factors before buying any BoreSighter, Laser BoreSighter added highly powerful laser, various attachments, better battery and better cost to profitable features, keep it maintain daily for accurate results. 

Various types of BoreSights are available in the market but Sight Mark AccuDot Laser BoreSighter is one of the best. I hope my review helps you make the right choices. 

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