6 Top Outfits Inspired from Celebrities

6 Top Outfits Inspired from Celebrities

Many celebrities are criticized for what they wear on the red carpet but at the same time, these are the celebrities who create trends and inspire people to dress up uniquely and distinctly. The fashion industry is never stagnant. It keeps on changing and new trends and styles keep coming in. It takes only one powerful picture of a celebrity or an influencer to create a whole new trend.

There are some celebrities who created trends by wearing their original and distinct but unique outfits on the red carpet or even normally in public. Many of these celebrities have created never-ending and beautiful trends which are yet in fashion. Here are some of these iconic celebrities and their outfits.

1. Pop Color Wide Trousers

You must have seen many celebrities wearing such wide trousers on the red carpet including Gigi Hadid and has pulled out this outfit so amazingly that it has turned out to be a trend for the rest to follow. These trousers have been in fashion since the red carpet 2018. These wide trousers aren’t really as fancy as you think, you can wear these wide trousers for any fancy or even casual gatherings with your friends.

Pair these wide trousers with a short length shirt and a complementary hue. Make sure to have trousers in the color that would make you stand out of the crowd, the color that would pop up in a room full of people. Take the center stage with these trousers.

2. Colored Puffer Jackets

Finding the perfect wear in winter is a hard task. You need to have something that wouldn’t hide the amazing attire and would look good on you along with good comfort. It’s hard to find something trendy, fashionable as well as something that would block the chilly winds. Here comes the fashion of Puffer Jackets which was initiated by Kendell Jenner and also Gigi Hadid. They started wearing puffer jackets which then came into fashion.

These puffer jackets would keep your warm as well as gives a trendy, elegant and fashionable look to your outfit. Get these puffer jackets of your favorite color and nail that look with a good pair of jeans and matching accessories. Continue the trend these celebrities left for us.

3. Winter Crop Tops

There are some celebrities that love crop tops so much that they decide to take it to the next level. Wearing crop tops in winters is not something we could’ve thought of by Selena Gomez and the Hadid sisters decided to bring in the new Winter Crop Top fashion.

You can easily rock these winter crop tops by wearing these with a good pair of jeans, good footwear and most importantly a trendy and elegant upper. This upper can be a leather jacket, puffer jacket or a shearling coat. You can even use an oversized jacket for these types of crop tops. It will allow you to slay your look as well as save you from the winter at the same time.

4. Red Jumpers

We know that jumpers are in fashion but the originator of these jumpers is another celebrity. The red-colored jumpsuit was what was worn in the public by many stars this season. These red-colored jumpers would make you look intimidating, bold and enthusiastic when you go out there in public.

Invest yourself in a red jumper, you can either wear a turtle neck or a sweatshirt inside the jumper, that’s up to you. This can pump up your wardrobe one level. Wear this outfit since it’s one of the most trending ones at the moment.

5. Statement Sequins Dress

A sequin statement dress is one of the most amazing and trendy outfit today. This is the perfect outfit for all your fancy parties. This sequins dress would give you the bold and eye-catching look that would make heads turn again and make you look as elegant as men look in the James Bond Suit.

There are different colors that would make you look beautiful in these sequins dress. The boldest and amazing colors are golden, silver, pink or even red that would make you look at the center of attention in the room. These sequins and fancy suit would give you the perfect fancy look.

6. Band T-Shirts

These band t-shirts came into trend by Rihanna and Selena Gomez. These edgy and cool t-shirts would make your casual outfits much better and elegant. If you want a comfortable yet trendy casual look like these celebrities, get these band t-shirts featuring their names and logos.

This punk yet popping t-shirts would give you the best casual look and would also be the most comfortable outfits of the day. These band t-shirts are in for a rock and roll look as well as gives the most aesthetic look!