Hemp is a plant that belongs to the same family as cannabis. Although related, hemp is not used as a drug like cannabis and historically has been considered an industrial plant, providing the raw material to make products like textiles, clothing, paint, insulation, and animal feed. 

And although hemp belongs in the same family as cannabis, it doesn’t have any psychoactive effects because hemp contains more CBD and very little THC which is the cannabinoid that’s responsible for making people high. 

CBD, or cannabidiol, offers a lot of benefits to the body. It’s been used throughout history because of said benefits which include pain relief, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and help to regulate hormones and elevate one’s mood. All its health benefits are one reason why there have been so many products in the cannabis market that’s made from CBD. Most commercially available CBD is derived from hemp and is offered in most dispensary weed online.



  • Stimulate the growth of hair


For those who want long and luscious hair, they can turn to hemp oil as it can promote hair growth. The fatty acids present in hemp oil stimulate the scalp and can a couple of inches to what you’ve already got. Hemp oil also contains proteins that help in the production of keratin that also promotes hair growth.



  • Strengthens Hair


The same fatty acids and proteins in hemp oil that promotes hair growth are also perfect for strengthening the hair to prevent damage and breakage. It’s great at fighting split ends and brittle hair.



  • Moisturizes Hair


Hemp oil contains a lot of lipids that help to moisturize the hair. It keeps the hair flexible and shiny throughout the day. The great thing about lipids in hemp oils is that it can easily be absorbed in the hair keeping it healthy, flexible, and shiny.



  • Helps with Dandruff


If you suffer from dandruff, you know it’s not something to joke about. Dandruff is irritating, annoying, and can be embarrassing. It is the result of extreme dryness on the scalp which leads to flaking. The itchiness that comes with dandruff is also quite uncomfortable. Using hemp oil can open the blood vessels on the scalp and increase blood circulation. It can also moisturize the hair to prevent flaking.



  • Helps with Scalp Infection


Dry, itchy, and dandruff prone skin that’s left untreated can seriously lead to infections. Using hemp oil moisturizes the hair and can help prevent infection due to the effects of fatty acids like omega 3, 6, and 9.

A lot of people have been hailing hemp oil as a miracle product. It offers the same benefits that other cannabis products but without the psychoactive effect. Hemp is also quite an abundant plant. It’s easy to grow in large numbers which is why for generations hemp has been considered an industrial plant. write for us more about best hair oil for men & women at here.

Hemp oils are derived from the seeds of the hemp plant. It’s not the same although they could offer the same benefits. 

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