6 Mistakes Married Couples Should Avoid Making During The Lockdown!

With the number of coronavirus cases increasing by the day, India is now on a 21-day-lockdown. While this step is extremely important and necessary, it’s also slightly difficult to get through! Being locked up in a house with your spouse for such a long time period can get frustrating, no matter how much in love you are. Right?!

So read on, share with your other half and keep a check that you’re not doing any of these!

You don’t wanna rip each other’s hair apart, now do you?!

1. Spending All Day Together


Now spending time together is great! It’s the one thing that keeps relationships strong. But at a time like this when you don’t have much to do and a lot of time at your disposal, don’t try and be stuck to each other every waking moment.

Tip: Make use of this time to bring back the romance in your hectic lifestyles but do take out me-time too and give each other the space they deserve.

2. Making It A Sexathon!


Just because there’s so much time and so less to do, don’t make it a sex vacay. Going crazy over sex will not be counted as spending quality time together. In worst-case scenarios, too much sex can be boring. Yes, you read that right!

Tip: We’re clearly not saying that don’t have sex but rather than going at it all the time, you and your partner can try other new things. Sometimes, just cuddling can feel even better.

3. Anxiety Is Contagious

Perhaps the most difficult part of the current situation is the uncertainties we all are facing – the uncertainty about how bad things actually are, the uncertainty about our jobs and the effect this economic slowdown will have on us. We understand that all this is more than enough to get you a little anxious. But anxiety is contagious. It can easily transfer to your partner and result in escalating the defensive responses.

Tip: Take one day at a time. Instead of passing on your anxiety to your family members, stay calm and wait for things to unfold rather than assuming.

4. The Feeling Of Being Trapped


Relationships tend to crumble in close quarters. Why? Simply because either or both the partners feel trapped. In situations like these, this feeling is understandable since we are not used to it.

Tip: We know it’s easier said than done, but keep yourselves busy. Here are a few ways of making the most of this time with your Other Half.

5. Getting Frustrated Over Work & Fighting With Each Other

Working from home isn’t a piece of cake, and by now, everyone knows it. We all get frustrated with work and couples tend to take it out on each other.

Tip: Even if you’re frustrated, communicate it with your partner, do NOT fight. Arguing with each other will not help you, it will further create complications. You could even pick different rooms so you can both wrap up your work separately.

6. Limiting The House Chores To One Person


You might be used to a household where you have domestic help for your house chores, but the situation is very different these days. With our helpers also social distancing, we’re left to ourselves.

Tip: Share your work. Cook together, try out new recipes. Clean out your cupboards and do up your house with each other’s help. It can be a new form of bonding, one that you’ve never experienced!

You’ve both got to get through this stronger and better versions of yourself. All the best!

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