What Is a Pizza Peel? It Uses & Benefits

Pizza is the most favourite food of all time. Nowadays, it has become a large business due to its high demand. All aged people tend to love pizza due to its taste. An essential and most commonly used tool to prepare pizza is pizza peel. It is used to take the pizza out of ovens and also to avoid spills and burns.

What Is a Pizza Peel?

What does it look like?

A pizza peel can be round, squared with a flat surface to place the pizza on it. It comes with a handle attached to it to use it conveniently. Most importantly, the handle of the pizza peel is very important, and it must be designed with a good grip.

Types of a pizza peel

The basic varieties of pizza peel are wooden pizza peel and metal pizza peel.

Wooden pizza peel

  • It is a traditional model that is very affordable. Due to its non-sticky nature, it is widely preferred. 
  • As it is made out of wood, it needs to be handled carefully to avoid burns and cracks.

Metal pizza peel

  • It is made out of aluminium or stainless steel and easier to handle and clean than the wooden pizza peel. It is weightless and durable.
  • During the baking process due to its metal surface, the pizza might tend to stick it.

Transfer, turn and remove

  • Initially, we need to prepare the pizza with all the ingredients needed. Finally, a pizza peel is used to shift pizza from peel into the oven.
  • During the cooking process in ovens, the cheese and some ingredients might not have been baked properly. To move it towards the direction of hot air, a pizza peel is much useful.
  • After the cooking process is over, the pizza will be pretty hot. So, pizza peel can make this job very easy. 

Points to remember while choosing pizza peel

  • The edges of pizza peel need to be sharp to handle pizza properly; also, it should not harm the hands while preparing.
  • The surface of pizza peel must be chemical-free else; toxins can be released while heating it.
  • The pizza peel must be scratch-resistant for a prolonged lifetime. It should be heat resistant and capable of handling long time heating.

Top pizza peel brands

  • Pizza Royale 
  • Heritage products
  • Chef Pomodoro
  • Checkered Chef

The other advantages of using pizza peel are as given below:

  • No-fuss; no mess

When people prepare a pizza with many ingredients, it becomes difficult to handle it. Hence, to cook it properly, pizza peel plays a major role in placing it inside the oven and taking it after it gets cooked. 

  • Safety

Handling pizza with hands is risky as it may fall down or get messed up. To avoid such situations, a pizza peel is highly useful. It also helps in keeping the hands safe while using a flame and the oven.


A pizza peel is a simple tool with varied benefits. It is an essential tool for all pizza lovers to prepare yummy pizza.

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