Best tips for activation of McAfee antivirus

Today every device needs a security software that can protect it from threats. McAfee antivirus is a security program that has various advanced tools for malware protection. If you don’t want to get into any trouble then get McAfee protection immediately. McAfee is the best choice for internet protection as McAfee is considered as the best antivirus for secure browsing. If you use the internet on your computer then you should get a good and reliable McAfee plan.

Steps for installation and McAfee activation

For retail purchase

If you are buying McAfee CD then ensure that you have a CD drive. But in case, you don’t have a CD drive then you can go to the email address provided on the product key card and go for online McAfee installation. If you have a CD drive then you can easily install McAfee antivirus by running the setup and following the on-screen commands. For activating McAfee antivirus you have to enter the product key that is provided on a silver card inside your retail box. Check the entered key twice before hitting the confirm button & best in computer repair. Once you hit the confirm button; you will get a McAfee activated message on the screen.

Online Purchase

While you purchase McAfee from the online store & web development is also part of technology, you create a McAfee account with your email address. After purchasing McAfee antivirus; go to your email account and click on McAfee’s email. You will receive a McAfee antivirus setup, product key, and the billing receipt. Click on the given McAfee setup and the setup will start installing on your PC. Once McAfee antivirus gets installed on your PC then follow the given steps:

  1. Click on McAfee antivirus icon from the taskbar on the desktop
  2. McAfee dashboard will get open on the screen
  3. Navigate to Verify subscription
  4. Click on Enter product key
  5. Now type (you can also copy and paste) product key on the given bar and then hit the verify button

If you are unable to activate McAfee antivirus from the given steps then you should ask for technical support.

Installing McAfee antivirus on Android device

McAfee activate product key provides various special tools for your phone device. If you are using McAfee multi-device license key then you can secure your Android phone along with your Windows and Mac devices. You can easily get your McAfee antivirus plan for Android on the Google Play Store. Open your Play Store and type McAfee antivirus on the search bar. Click on McAfee Mobile Security and press the install button. Wait for completing the McAfee antivirus installation process. Now open your McAfee antivirus and follow the on-screen commands. You will get EULA on the screen. Read the user-license page and click on Accept and start protection. Wait for a minute to complete the McAfee configuration process. Now go to your McAfee account on the laptop and click on Subscriptions. Select the Add Device button. Click on a Mobile device. Tap the Send link button. You can either get it on your email or a text message. Now open the email address for the code. 

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