7 Phone answering tips: How to manage stressful phone calls

Working in a call centre facility means that you will be continually pestered by cold calls. Some customers will irritate you by asking the same question over and over again and you might feel that it is taking longer than you can take it.

Being employed in customer service means that are going to stressed out every second of the day. What you need to remember is that it is impossible to make everyone happy all the time. 

Effective customer service is very important for brands. Moreover, brands pick up the best call answering service centres to make sure that they are hiring people who are known in the call centre market for their expectational customer handling skills.


Steps To Handle A Stressful Caller

Call centres might employ you to indulge in phone answering services, but that doesn’t comprehend to losing your cool and worrying about a specific caller. The following are some steps that will help you to keep your calm in such situations and be an amiable call centre employee.


  1. Listen to them

This is one of the most crucial aspects of handling callers. You need to listen clearly to what they are trying to say and what issue are they encountering. If both parties on the call will speak, it will obviously escalate the situation. So, it is better if you show some concern for the customer, gain insight into their problems, and help in finding a solution to it.


  1. Provide them validation

As a call centre employee, you are used to callers screaming at the top of their voice. Many-a-times it is rude, and sometimes you realize that they are just upset for a good reason. As a caller centre agent, it is very important that you practice the method of calming down the caller. You need to say phrases like Calm Down, You’re Right, I totally understand your point, I will solve all your issues, don’t worry, etc. This way the callers will feel that you are genuinely interested in providing them with a solution and continue the conversation as well.


  1. Never react emotionally

While you must stay true to your emotions, as a call centre employee you need to stay neutral to the customer and the brand. This is a rule for all telephone answering services. Callers can test your patience level, but you need to be treated objectively. If you get irritated with a caller and react to them in anger, that is only going to worsen the situation.


  1. Train yourself to always be pleasant to the caller

Practice a sound tone of voice wherein you are excited to talk with the customer. Most callers talk without any tone, plainly, and that can irritate customers. Maintain your calm and pleasant tone no matter what the customer is saying to you. If you’ll sound happy to a caller, they will like speaking with you and that might be able to control their anger too.


  1. Find the root cause of the problem

When you have to solve a maths question, you had to start with the root cause of it. Similarly, handling customers requires you to listen carefully and gather information. Only then you can figure out what the problem is and solve it. Once you know the cause, it’ll be a matter of some minutes required to solve it.


  1. Offer not one but many solutions

There is always a possibility that the caller is not able to explain to you the problem. In such scenarios, you need to present them with multiple solutions. Then, the customers can decide for themselves on how to proceed further. Options are great, they will satisfy your customer servicing skills and impress your callers too.


  1. Avoid putting a caller on hold

What happens in a customer service call is the agent places the caller on hold more times than actually talking to them about the real problem. If you need to check something with the other department than that is a different issue, but try to avoid putting callers on hold. It is a major buzz killer for them.


Wrapping It Up

Never let furious customers get the best of you & new features are whatsapp status is best for all. Create a process for yourself that keeps your mind fit and stable. Take frequent breaks, talk with your colleagues and make the most out of your job.

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