Eat, Pray, Love in Gangtok

Gangtok has that “personal connect” with the tourist and travelers all across the globe. It is that kind of a love with a place that happens at one glance. Gangtok is somewhat similar to other beautiful hill stations. When you delve deeper into the capital of Sikkim, you are peek-a-booing in the majestic mountain ranges of Himalayas. That is the primary thing that strikes to any individual who has come here for the first time. You’ll find no litter, no pollution, people follow the rules in a stringent way and make no noise. The locals of the place are so welcoming that you can relate with the laid-back vibe because what this city slowly rubs off on you.


The cute, little capital of Sikkim will surely keep you hooked through whimsy views. The area is layered with a precipitous mountain ridge. One can expect numerous viewpoints and landscapes for surely being a feast to the eyes. The beautiful panoramas are encompassed with plunging green valleys. 

There are traditional monasteries that one must visit to know more about the city’s culture. Gangtok will heal you from inside and both mentally or physically terms.



  1. One of the perfect, hands-down places is Nine Native Cuisine, which is nestled on the MG Road. It offers the best Sikkimese food and perhaps, the flavors are so lip-smacking that it will set on your tastebuds for a lifetime. One must try the local delicacies such as gundruk, fermented soy, and cheese. And if you have come to Gangtok, you just can’t miss the delectable, and succulent momos that purely melts in your mouth. The regional Bhutanese dishes were our cherry on the cake. It was the bed with mashed potatoes and spilled cheese all over, it looked, smelled and tasted amazing. Our stomachs were full of joy after eating that.


  1. The second option for people who are traveling to Sikkim and especially in Gangtok must go to The Baker’s Cafe which is located out of the MG Road. Starting from the ambiance to the quality of food, everything is top-notch and the services are amazing. Don’t miss the rooftop view as one can overlook the mighty Himalayas. Enjoy your Paninis and other bakery items with a cup of herbal tea amidst the beautiful view in the lap of nature.


  1. Your Sikkim tour isn’t complete without visiting the Cafe Fiction which is situated in the development area. It is run by a bookman of the famous city and is 10 minutes away from MG Road. Order a hot cappuccino and you will feel refreshed after one dose of the signature coffee. You can also order a grilled cheese sandwich to compliment it with your coffee. This is the perfect situation for a book lover like us!


  1. If you wish to take a drink or two, then you can pick a chilled beer from any place here in Sikkim, as it is well-known for local beer shops. It is one of the most assured gifts that any traveler would love to enjoy. It will just complement with his/her trip. And it is a perfect match if it’s coupled along with a bonfire in the evening or night. The delicate taste is sure to do its magic throughout the night.


  1. Gangtok is filled with many monasteries and is quite a serene and a divine place. One of the grand monasteries is the Rumtek monastery. This place is 30 minutes away from the city through the drive, and there are another 10 minutes that are away on foot, you can meet the monks there and study more about the cultural history of this place. The monks start chanting at the courtyard by the late evening. So, you can also join them by 4pm.


  1. Don’t shy away by making your way to the Gangtok’s neighbourhood, become for table and sit inside or outside the temple also. Let all the melody chance give peace to your mind, body, soul. Indeed, soulful music has a particular way to touch the chords of the heart.


  1. From a short walk away from the MG Road, there is a gallery from the name: Curio Craft, So you can stop by the cute little shop and get some souvenirs for your loved ones. This gallery shop is famous for fascinating things that are created by the artisans and craftsmen. Take a look at the paintings which are purely hand-embroidered. It depends nothing but a spirituality that is used in every day is life. You can also take it home as it is very affordable for the pocket.


  1. This place is full of love, you might just call in love with a new person or the weather, or how clean this place has kept. It can be those little things besides being materialistic that has no second layer. It can also be a simple gesture by a random passerby. The people in the neighborhood nods at you while you walk through the trees. The frenzy will just be soaked up into. They will help you at all times, who you feel like directionless.


  1. You can pick any best accommodation and spend your days. The service of all the staff is extremely helpful. It is pretty affordable on the pocket as well. You can book an early trail and curate a perfect trip according to your taste.


  1. Fall in love with the little bookstore that has also quaint cafes. It’s time to pamper yourself in the Himalayas and let yourself loose in the lap of nature. The western Sikkim has its way of calling all the nature lovers. Experience the snow-capped peaks of Mount Kanchendzonga.


From the very first sight, this place will capture you and melt your heart away! It assures an alluring experience throughout and will surely drift you to take a U-Turn and you would wish to never get back home! Bhutan is a place that will hug you tightly and will show you that there are no materialistic requirements.

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