Send these birthday gifts to someone close to your heart, but lives far from you

Have you been missing someone lately but can’t go and meet them? Is your loved one got transferred to another city recently? Or have you fallen in love for someone who is from a different state? In such cases, it is really disappointing for us to celebrate a special day without them. Missing them is okay, but sitting idle on an important day when you should be celebrating it together is not at all okay. It’s because, technology has made everything so easy and reachable that we can even make our dear ones birthday, without having to visit them in person. Asking how? You know that surprises make us the happiest, right? And a birthday is the day that is the most special one for any of us. Sending surprises on a birthday would really make them the happiest! So, pick from any of these wonderful ways to surprise them that can make your beloveds feel that they are home, and they are remembered a lot. Because the goal of any surprise gift is to make the recipient feel special and happy. It is up to you, if you want to spend a good amount or want to keep it simple yet unique. Some of these tips will help you surprise your loved ones even without spending a single dime.

Call up your close ones and make a group video call

When the clock ticks 12.00 in the night, call up that birthday boy or girl and wish aloud! To make the wishing more enthralling for him or her, call up all of your mutual friends and make a conference audio call or video call. Revising the memories from your past days when you were together will make the celebrant happier than ever! This way, you can make them realise that they are never forgotten and will be the most special part in your friend circle, as well as in your heart.

Treasure hunt through phone

Do you know the game “Treasure hunt?” if yes, then play it with your close one on their special day. You can take help of their local roomies or some other local friends to assist you hiding your gifts. This can be an exciting activity which you can watch over video call! Wish them with a very thoughtful gift with the game itself.

Send their favourite food online

These days online food delivery is just a saviour! Hungry, craving for sweets, or wish to have a candle light dinner at home, just go check the websites and place order for your favourite meals. This can go well on birthdays as well. If your dearie is spending his birthday alone, away from home and you know that he must be missing those homemade special dishes on his birthday, then choose the best rated restaurant in his city and send all the items he loves. As food has direct connection to heart, you can just win their hearts with this gesture.

Online cake delivery

A birthday without a birthday cake is not a real birthday probably, right? So, why delay when you can easily get any variety of cake from MyFlowerApp.Com even on the same day, at midnight or at a fixed time?

Online flowers and gifts

Birthday gifts are always the most exciting part of the birthday celebrations. If you know what your friend’s favourite colour is or what kind of things he likes the most, then order any gift or flower bouquet online and send it to any cities including Agra, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Chennai, or Delhi through online flower delivery of MyFlowerApp. You can in fact, send these gifting combinations to a place where your friend would never expect any gift to reach, such as, their college, office, a restaurant or even to a shopping mall!