This Birthday, Gift Yourself the Joy of Travelling

No matter at what age we are or what job we are into, when it comes to our birthday, we all get excited. Not just that, most of us don’t leave a stone unturned while preparing a surprise birthday bash for our loved ones. From ordering flowers from Bloomsvilla to baking a fancy cake, ideas are just endless. However, not many of us take this much of an effort to make our birthdays special for us. If you are thinking about what can be the best birthday gift for you, the answer is TRAVELLING.

Gift Yourself the Joy of Travelling

Every other day, we scroll through tens of travel quotes, friends holidaying at exotic places, celebrities promoting tourism; all this while we sulk on our desk, drowned in a pool of assignments and deadlines. Isn’t it frustrating? We keep planning and postponing the trips we really want to take, all because of the busy lives we are leading. Well, here’s what you can do- this birthday, book your tickets and just go! Don’t forget that birthdays are also a reminder of you getting a year old and you need to travel as much as you can while you are young. You must keep those birthdays, send flowers to Ludhiana and gifts aside and take that trip this birthday. Here are some reasons why you need to gift yourself the joy of travelling:

  • Because it is easier!

Don’t wait for your forty-eighth birthday to make that travel plan a reality. Travel young because you still have time and health. No matter how harsh that sounds, the older you get, the weaker your bones and immunity will be. You can trek more, walk more and get exhausted less while you are still in your young days.

  •   Create Stories for your Grandkids

Do you realize how cool it would sound when you tell your little ones how you celebrated your twenty-fourth birthday at the top of a mountain? You will have cool and adventurous stories for your grandkids. Don’t you want your future generations to know about the time you stargazed in Himachal or got lost in the dunes of Rajasthan? 

  •   For the Sake of Instagram!

Let’s admit it; we are all millennials seeking validation through likes on social media. What can be better than Instagram-worthy pictures to increase your follower count and a number of likes? Moreover, you will be giving awesome new ideas of celebrating birthdays to all your followers. 

  • Life can get Tough

Travel now because life keeps getting tougher. You are fit and alive today. Nobody knows what the next birthday might have in store. Also, by the time you reach mid-thirties, you will already be graying your hair worrying about electricity bills, your family if you get married, taxes, and what not. So why not buy flowers and cakes and blow the candles at the sea shore where the moon shines bright and the wind plays with your hair?

  • To Be a Better Person

Well, even though the beautiful trinkets and the birthday rose bouquet is good to look at, and the flowers will wither. On the other hand, travelling is one of those few gifts that would give you memories for a lifetime and will stay with you forever. Travelling is the best route for self discovery and clarity of mind. Many of us are clueless about what we really want and the sooner we find our passion, the better. Travelling also gives a sense of independence while you learn how to face your fears. It makes you stronger and more prepared for the troubles in store. Travelling is undoubtedly the best teacher. It teaches you compassion and kindness. You learn to coexist with people from various walks of life; transcending regional, religious, and economic boundaries.

  •   Mental Health

This birthday, pledge yourself that you will do all you can do to be in a better place mentally. With all the negative news and crime rate, we often forget to see the good in the world. Moreover, we all have our problems. Nothing can feel more relaxing and liberating than a trip. It just gives you some time to really think and put things to place. Travel because therapy is expensive! Taking a break from your mundane chores and work is brilliant for your mental health. Travelling not only takes you away from the daily chaos but also pumps you with the motivation to start again, do better.

  •   Spend Less, Save More

Travelling teaches you finance management in a great way. You learn to live in a budget and that can change your life drastically. You learn to save and cut down on unnecessary expenses. 

  •   Wisdom and Learning

You come across new cultures and traditions and make new friends. By the end of the trip, you will have so much wisdom and lessons to impart that you would be surprised by the new you. Travelling makes you rich with tales and experiences and you end up becoming a wiser, humbler and an improved version of yourself.

Now that you know the miracles of travel, get your tickets booked right now! If people want to give you presents, you can ask them to send flowers to delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata or whatever city you are travelling to and that would just make things even better. No matter how much you deny, we all need a break every once in a while from this chaotic world. Do yourself a favor; make your birthday memorable by doing what you always wanted to do. Deadlines and projects can wait, your undiscovered happiness cannot. Have a happy birthday on a happy trip

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