All about the eradication of dark circles

dark circles

In this competitive world, everyone is running behind earning money in the process harming their health. Due to constant stress at work or home or irregular sleeping patterns, various health issues are arising such as migraine, fatigue, indigestion, blood pressure issues, etc. The person may seem tired and lazy due to insufficient sleep. It also affects the health of the skin and may lead to early aging or dark circles. Although dark circles are not harmful to the person, it affects the appearance of the person. For this reason, people try to treat it through various chemical products or clinical treatments. It can also be treated naturally through badam roghan oil for dark circles.

Causes of dark circles are:-

  • Iron deficiency

  • Aging

  • Smoking

  • Insufficient or irregular sleep patterns

  • Stress or tension

  • Inherited genes

  • Thyroid

  • Thinning under the eyes

  • Frequent rubbing

  • Depression or excessive crying

  • Excessive exposure to sunlight

  • Dehydration

  • Eye drop treatment

  • Old age

How almond oil will helps in getting rid of dark circles?

  • Firstly, clean and wash the face properly with soap.

  • Apply the almond oil to areas under eyes or even on the face. Avoid contact with eyes.

  • Massage it gently. It will increase blood circulation and help in lightening the skin tone.

  • This process is to be practiced regularly before going to bed.

Other home remedies for eradicating dark circles are:-

  • Proper sleep:- One must take proper sleep at regular intervals for a healthy and active body.

  • Cucumber:- Cucumber is very good for eyes as its cooling effect can calm and relax the eyes if kept on it.

  • Cold compress:- Cold compress can increase blood circulation and hence helps in lightening the skin tone.

  • Teabags:- Caffeine also helps in regulating blood circulation. One must keep boil the tea bags and then allow it to rest on the eye. It can also be used after keeping it in the fridge for cooling effect.

  • Facials:- Facials are always good for skin as it helps to remove dead skin and make it more glowing and brighter skin.

  • Cover the face before going out:- one must keep the face covered to avoid the contact of sun.

  • Stop smoking:- smoking is harmful to the lungs and evens skin. So, one must stop smoking for healthy and glowing skin.

  • Massage:- For reducing stress, one can regularly massage with badam roghan oil for stress.

  • Regular exercise and a healthy diet:- It is an old saying “a healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. So for reducing dark circles and brighter skin one must do regular exercise and eat healthily.

  • Use almond oil with honey:- For better results, one can use almond oil with honey. As honey is good for the skin.

Hence, these are some of the home remedies which can be practiced for eliminating the dark circles. They have side effects. There are also various clinical or cosmetic treatments for dark circles but it may have some side effects. It is a costly process. Some kind of allergies may also cause dark circles and hence one should avoid using such a product to which one is allergic. The most important is to maintain a healthy lifestyle.