5 important tips for perfect straightening


The hair is quite similar to fiber like wool. The hair has three layers: the core (medulla) formed by the inner, tightly entangled fibers, the shell surrounding it (the cortex), and the outer shell that protects the easily damaged inner layers (the cuticle).

The life cycle of a hair depends on many things other than heredity and hair structure. One of them is hair styling by electrical products. The inner layers of the hair are exposed and exposed to damage when its skin is damaged by the hotness of the product. This causes dryness, lack of polish and static. So the more you treat your hair, the more you change their natural state and cause damage.

Striping, curling, straightening, blow-drying, braiding and bleaching hair causes bifurcation, loss of shine and breakdown of hair structure. To keep your hair beautiful and healthy, it’s good to know about the structure of your hair and how a variety of treatments damage your hair. Straightening iron is a very important tool for many women in beauty care. However, you should be very careful when using iron, as it can cause quite a bit of destruction. One important thing you can do is; you can choose the best hair straightener in India from the top brands available in Indian market or you can go online.

But before you next grab the hair straightener, remember that:

1. Your hair can burn just like your skin, you just don’t feel it

A hair clip can get your hair in really bad shape if you use the iron too often or in the wrong way. Too hot heat will damage the structure of the hair so that it loses its shine. Also, you cannot remove damaged hair other than by cutting.

2. Hot styling irons absorb moisture from the hair

Moisture is as important to the hair as it is to the skin and if the hair is already dry, too much styling iron makes the hair delicate, unpolished and brittle. If the hair has already burned with the iron more than once, the iron may become sticky and not travel on the surface of the hair as it should. Therefore, replace the iron at regular intervals.

3. The thinner the hair, the faster the damage can occur

But on the other hand, people with thick hair and curls often use styling irons longer and harder, so their hair often suffers more as well. Dyed hair obeys styling worse and likewise aging hair. Experts therefore recommend using a straightener only once or twice a week.

4. Do not underestimate the damage you cause

A straightening iron can do bad damage to your hair, so don’t take unnecessary risks. So always keep the iron away from the root of the hair and the scalp so as not to cause damage that will be visible in the hair for years.

5. Always style only dry hair

If you use iron on damp hair, the resulting steam will cause severe damage to the hair. The hair loses its ability to reflect light and breaks more easily. So when straightening, remember to always straighten only your dry hair and spray heat shield on your hair before straightening.