Why read articles when you can turn on the volume and listen to audio narration!

The verdict is here: Eye fatigue is REAL! With so many screens to scroll from your working desktop to your phone to your tablet, it is now common for people to have eye stress and feel tired. In this world where multimedia is accessed on a daily basis, audio narration of the website or articles on the web page is gaining popularity.


Marketers these days know that to keep the audience engaged to a content you need to not only involve them visually but with the audios too. Gone are the days when audio narration was thought to be non-significant. Capturing the attention of the target audience is difficult and providing them an option to listen to the online content can go a long way in retaining them.

As people spend more time on their work-related activities, it leaves with 6-7 hours of free time and audio narration can help them listen to the content while they are doing their daily chores. Multitasking becomes easier for people and they are not bound to be glued to their screens. Hence, the number of marketers using audio content is increasing day by day.

Voice overs play the most important role in audio narration. A professional voice should be able to describe all the facts and story on what’s present on screen and may or may not be instructional in nature. With numerous voice agencies operating, you can easily get voice over recordings online as well as by the conventional method. But you must ensure the following parameters before hiring the voice artist for your audio narration:

  1. Audio clarity and pronunciation

You must ensure that you get clear and correctly pronounced audios for the website or content narration. Poor pronunciation or voice flow can ruin the intent of your content and can in turn decrease the traffic. 


  • Pacing


The audio must be paced properly with pauses at correct places and emphasis on important words. A professional voice actor knows that voice overs are more than just “good voice”. Correctly emphasized audios help to grab the audience’s attention and make your content interesting and worth reading.


  • Tone of the audio


The vocal tone of the audio must go with the content served to the audience. A good flow and modulation of voice can help your content to reach out better. If the tone does not flow with the content, it can make the entire narration monotonous and boring.

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