The end of Covid-19 according to Astrology

The end of Covid-19 according to Astrology

We all want to get rid from Corona Virus Pandemic but we really don’t know when this remedy will end. Here, one astrologer would like to share his knowledge regarding Covid-19.

When will Corona Virus go According to Astrology?

We are all facing a difficult situation currently due to Corona Virus. After 15th May lot of positive changes are coming regarding this particular aspect.

  1. On 11th May STURN will retrograde in Capricorn
  2. On 15th May JUPIER will retrograde in Capricorn.
  3. After 20th May most negative effect of Rahu and Ketu regarding Corona Virus will start to diminish.

After 20th May Rahu and Ketu will changes its position and loses its peak strength and also changes its own Adra Naxatra and transits to Mrigshish Naxatra, so the effect of Coronavirus will definitely start to diminish.

On the similar point, after 29th May 2020 “KAAL SARPA YOG” of Rahu and Ketu will be broken by Mercury.  Also, other positive effect of Mercury is that communication will also start to improve and Starting in July when the king of planets Sun changes its position and crosses Rahu and Ketu, this will start the end of Corona Virus from the world.


Astrologer Rutvik Vora

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