How you can choose the best Caps or Hats?

How you can choose the best Caps or Hats?

It is a known fact that most men face problems while purchasing the right cap or hat. The hat/cap may look awesome on the mannequin but when it comes to you the results are unsatisfactory.

Then comes a time when you are stuck in the vicious cycle when every hat or cap that you wear seems to not suit you. The result is you often become cap-paranoid.

But the good news is that by following some easy tips you can actually end up selecting the cap or hat which will love to show-off. It will succeed in adding flair to your appearance. Take a look.

Pick Up Something That Suit Your Face Shape

Different people have different facial shapes so you must select a cap or hat that fits your facial silhouette. You can easily decide this by doing a few measurements.

You can measure your forehead using a tape measure and jot down the number. Then measure the cheekbones with the expanse across the upper cheeks.

Measure the length of face from the forehead centre to the chin bottom. These will assist you to decide your exclusive face shape.

Square, oval, heart-shaped or circular there are caps/hats for every facial shape. People who have oval shaped-faced can look great in any type.

You should stay away from the hats with round-shaped crown.

Irrespective of your facial shape it is always best to try a variety of caps and hats prior to making a decision. This will help you know which style works for you.

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Type of Hat/ Cap

Although most of the hats and caps are outdoor clothing you are not supposed to choose the first cap that you come across. There are various types of hats to pick up from. Most of the caps/hats are designed to protect from the sun for matching with your outfit. Here are some of the most popular types –

  1. Helmets – Hats that are worn for security and safety are the protective helmets. They are worn by baseball workers, miners and construction workers.
  2. Full Brim – This is a common type of cap/hat which effectively provides sun protection. You can get these in different sizes and materials. However, the wider the brim is the more protective hat. But people who often go backpacking should opt for a smaller brim.
  3. Cowboy hat – The cowboy hats are quite popular in various parts of the world. They have an all-surrounding big brim to prevent the sun from reaching the face and neck. Most of them are made of leather and come in a variety of styles, shades and colours.
  4. Baseball Caps – The baseball caps are preferred for all ages, genders and generations whether they are children, men or women. They are comfortable, beautiful and affordable. These are also available in local and online stores. But one main disadvantage of baseball caps is that they don’t offer excellent coverage. Part of your neck, face and ears are exposed to the sun.
  5. Other Types – Apart from the above there are a few other types like stocking caps, chef’s hats, brimless hats and ski caps. Ceremonial hats are also there which are worn by royalties and clergy men.

The Comfort of the Hat/Cap

At the time of purchasing a sun cap or hat, it is essential to consider the comfort. This is because if you are opting for mountain climbing then you may want a cap or hat with smaller brim.

If you want a cap/hat while running, you need something that breathes well, is lightweight and does not get blown away in the wind.

With such a hat/cap, you will be able to see clearly and can avoid accidents. It must fit in the right way.


What’s more many businesses these days offer you the liberty to design the hats or caps prior to buying, with the Cap & Hat designer tool. With such a tool you can design your hat or cap just the way you desire.

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