How to Use Blockchain Technology in Web Development?

How you Can Use Blockchain Technology in Web Development

In today’s world, technology is getting more advanced, and it becomes easier to build your website. Anyone can easily make their websites by choosing some necessary services like, proper web hosting services, web designing services and domain registrar. But when it comes to using the blockchain technology in web development, many think that it is restricted only to the bitcoins.

However, it is not the truth. The bitcoins and cryptocurrency are one of the first widely known uses of blockchain technology, but it doesn’t stop here. There are many ways through which you can use blockchain technology in web development. In 2020, blockchain technology is revolutionizing almost every industry including:

  • Entertainment: In the entertainment industry, platforms like KickCity, B2 Expand, and Spotify are used to perform the task effectively. These platforms have different features and services that connect the users to give them exceptional service.
  • Social Engagement: The best use of blockchain technology in social engagement is the matchpool, which rewards successful matches and used in dating apps, uber, or freelancing.
  • Supply & Logistics: In supply and logistics, blockchain is used to create transparency within a shared record of location and ownership.
  • Healthcare: One of the best uses of blockchain technology is in the health care industry, where doctors can easily know in-depth medical information of a patient.

The above mention industries are one of the successful hit points of blockchain technology. You can also adopt the blockchain technology in web development. But let’s first know what blockchain is?

What Is Blockchain Technology?

In simple words, blockchain technology is referred to as distributed ledger technology, which decentralizes the history and data of any digital asset and makes them unalterable and transparent. However, it’s a bit complicated process to understand, but let’s make it simple through an example.

Almost everyone who has digital access knows how to operate or run google doc. When you run google doc and share it with people, it is not copied or transferred, but distributed. This is the decentralized distribution that gives real-time access to everyone. Now, if anyone edits or make a change, it becomes completely transparent to all of the shared members.

This is how blockchain technology works. But now let’s explore how can we use blockchain technology in web development?

Use of Blockchain Technology in Web Development

As the blockchain technology is so much versatile, therefore big companies started offering blockchain as a service. The top services include

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure blockchain Services
  • IBM Blockchain platform

Other than the above, there are many developing tools such as Truffle box, which is used for developing web applications. These tools help developers to collaborate blockchain technology in web development. But to utilize the blockchain technology on your website, you can consider the following ideas.

1. Gift Cards & Loyalty Programs

If you are building an online store or deals with gift cards and customer loyalty programs, you can use the blockchain to make the process cheaper. The blockchain technology assists retailers, store owners, and other business, that offers gift card or loyalty program, by making the whole process secured. You can securely trade cards on bitcoin public ledger and can make your loyalty program more effective.

2. Authenticate Digital Identity

If you are running a website which allows users to make an account, sell or buy services or product, you should adopt blockchain technology for sure. By using blockchain technology in web development, you can track and manage digital identities, know the one who keeps trying to access with wrong pin codes.

3. Payment & Money Transfer

This is one of the most important elements of any business website. You always need to ensure that payment and money transfer is through end-to-end encryption. Blockchain not only gives the facility to transfer money securely but also to receive or send money instantly with an ultra-low-cost. Therefore, it is important to use blockchain technology in web development when you are doing online business.


IT professionals around the world are constantly working to improve our lifestyle and betterment of humankind. By adopting new technologies we can reduce headache of our team and improve productivity. Hope you will get enough ideas about Blockchain Technology and how better we can use that in Web Development.

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