How To Create The Best Youtube Thumbnails?

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The social Gen-Z that we are, the gram generation, life is pretty fast for us, and the rush to make your talents be noticed and counted can be very stressful.

Youtube, the largest platform for budding talents to grow, is a platform with users worldwide, and getting your videos to be the centre of attraction can be a hard nut to crack.

However, a fantastic custom thumbnail like your favorite YouTubers can be a good option to form that much-required impression in the beginning. A customized, attractive thumbnail can fetch your viewers and subscribers faster in comparison to a normal thumbnail that doesn’t appeal to the eyes of the viewer.

So here we are listing for you some amazing tricks that will not only promote you as a brand but also help you create thumbnails that viewers won’t be able to resist.

1. Know your basics well

A thumbnail on YouTube is mainly a useful tool to convey to the audience the content that you are trying to get across them. A thumbnail should efficiently communicate the main subject to the viewer and be compelling enough at the same time for the viewer to not miss the chance of watching your video.

It should be different from the other thumbnails that will precede or succeed your video in the list and should be visible and compatible with all versions of technology available on various devices.

2. Color your power

Colors possess that magical power to influence our souls. The use of bright colors that stand out from other videos will work wonders. But take care as anything in excess can be toxic, so can excessive usage of bright colors that may backfire and make your thumbnail look messy and clumsy.

Turn that image into your photo editing app, as simple as Instagram would also work and increase the saturation level to the maximum for the colors to get highlighted enough for eyes to catch them. Go around trying out new filters and deciding which one appeals to the eyes more.

Adjust the contrast, sharpen the edges of your image, and you are all set to go for a perfect blend of colors that can please any pair of eyes.

3. Give a face to your viewers.

A human face as a part of your thumbnail can be a beneficial technique as humans psychologically can be attracted and feel more connected with things that they find similar to themselves.

An image, preferably a close-up shot with expressive eyes, will dig into the soul of the viewers and let them feel attached instantly. Expressive eyes will generate curiosity amongst the audience about the content of the video, and they will watch your video to satisfy their interest immediately.

4. Let words do the talking.

Adding a small text that is interactive, innovative, and unique and yet giving some basic idea of content in very brief would be a great addition to a thumbnail. The text should be big enough to catch attention; however, small enough to not overlap with your content.

A written book provides peace to the audience by maintaining their curiosity at the same time and also not leaving them in a frenzy about skipping the video.

5. Brand yourself

Provide your account for a consistent feature that can be anything from colors to text styles to logos that can help your audience differentiate your video from rest as well as easy for them to access.

This unique feature should remain a regular part for all your videos and an easy way to gain the trust of your viewers as consistency is directly proportional to authenticity.

6. Give them a pattern to follow.

Giving a pattern refers to including a detail that catches attention, like an emoji or a text that the audience can easily recognize every time and be drawn towards your video.

YouTube Algorithm promotes patterns more easily than random video content that viewers find challenging to relate. The brain needs patterns to recognize things easily and memorize it, so word of mouth can also work well this way in the promotion of your channel and videos.

Avoid overlap and motion

This is a fundamental trick. Whenever we create a custom thumbnail, it is crucial to keep in mind that the background should not let the viewer assume the play button as a part of the environment. It should be highlighted well. Also, avoid choosing pictures for a thumbnail that may look blurry or a shot that has been taken in motion. It affects the impression as the video is very messy and unorganized.

Tools to your help

You can use many tools like Canva, Adobe spark, snappa, and picmonkey that can be very useful while creating thumbnails and give your thumbnail a professional finish when being displayed to your audience.

As important as it is to create that irresistible thumbnail, it is also essential to keep in mind that your thumbnail should not fake your content. Your viewers should not feel cheated or misguided just because the thumbnail was telling a different story.

So here is your chance to go ahead and use these tricks to create that eye-catching thumbnail for your viewers and let them recognize you for your amazing talents.

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