Pregnant Elephant killed in Kerala, Lost of Humanity!

Pregnant Elephant and Humanity killed with blasting Pineapple

A pregnant Elephant died in Kerala, standing in water on May 27 after she ate a pineapple filled with fire crackers inside it.

The Elephant was wandering in the village in search of food, where she trusted the local residents and she ate the fruit offered by them.

The fruit contained the firecrackers which exploded and injured very badly to her mouth. As per reports, her lower jaw area was exposed very badly.

In search of relief the Elephant went to the river Velliyar, however she failed, she died, she lost her life and the baby elephant who was yet to be arrived killed by this cruel world.

We, Humans have destroyed our mother nature so much and the revenge is right here in front of us. We all are aware of the facts and numbers of Covid19 cases all over the world.

Trust me! It’s Mother Nature who is upset of us.

Nature has its own way of taking revenge. Cyclone Amphan, Nisarga, and Covid-19, Vietnam Gas leakage, Boiler blast and what not have happened in this last few months. Everything going around us is revenge from our mother nature for our cruel acts.

To all reading this post I want you all to take a minute and ask yourself are we really human or we have became the monsters in the race of literacy, money and competition.

I want all of you to spread the love every where. Let’s take an oath to believe in four mantras

  1. Love Everyone
  2. Spread love, not hatred
  3. Help the needy
  4. Stop violation against Animals

Love them, they will love you back.

karma quote Ibandhu

Let us all pray for the Elephant for her soul Rest in Peace and to the one who committed this crime, we want Kerala Government to take strict against them. So this doesn’t happen further.

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