Diagnose Car issues yourself before it go worse

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Just like by a few symptoms we figure out if it’s a mild fever or a viral to visit the doctor, the same way automobile afflictions can also be heard, smelled, seen and felt. So, whether your car is daily moved from one destination to another or just parking in the parking lot for months due to this lockdown effect, residential car wash and monthly car check-up is undoubtedly an important step you should take. And here we are to help you out and diagnose some common signs of illness for your car. In India we can get some really quick fixes by selecting a cleaning service at our doorstep.

1. Hear the defect:

Is your car making any unusual sound or having hiccups? Be alert; it’s giving an indication!

Ticking – Though few out of many cars have an inbuilt rhythmic sound when in motion. But do you think that loud ticking noise is usual? In case it is more noticeable than before, then it is surely informing you that your car’s engine is on its last legs. If the sound is rolling from the bonnet, then check the oil level of the car as low oil level can cause serious damage to the engine.

Squealing – Take a right, take a left, or simply take a U-turn; do you hear that screeching noise from the car’s tyres? This majorly means that there’s an issue with your power steering system. Might happen due to rough driving, but mainly due to the age and use by which the seals that contain the power steering fluid get worn down and cause small leaks.

2. See the defect:

The easiest indicators to identify and can be resolved on an immediate basis!

Leakage – What’s dropping down on the road should always be diagnosed and not left unseen. The colour, texture and smell can easily be diagnosed and give you the perfect result of your infected car. All you need is to collect a sample of the same, which might be a messy process with that gunk and grime, but that’s the only to figure the problem in your car.

Smoke – A clear smoke from the tailpipe is surely not a matter of concern, but another smoke of other colour is a sign that something is wrong. Blue smoke coming out means oil is leaking from the engine and burning up with the furl, while black smoke means that the air filter is clogged up. The cause can be an infected fuel pressure regulator which will require a need to be changed ASAP.

3. Feel the defect:

Stiff Turns – One already mentioned, i.e., due to low levels of power steering fluid, another is a sign that the steering belt that firmly connects the drive pulley system to the power steering is loose and old. Ans apart from all this, the most common ones the low tyre pressure which no one should ever ignore, as it is surely prone to accidents.

Spongy Pedal – Are your brake pedal loose and spongy? Do you feel so? This is a sign that it filled with air pressure or sometimes meant failing callipers and wheel cylinders or a weak flex line. In case of air-filled in the brake lines, you will require a professional to bleed the brakes and remove the air.

4. Smell the defect:

Are you sharp with a nose like a dog? If yes, this one can be surely easy for you.

Sweet Smells – Though you might get mistaken with those sweet smell-like syrups, but these are a matter of concern and is surely a deceptive one. Your car’s coolant contains ethylene glycol which is highly toxic and leaks from with the radiator or the heater hose. When you can smell it outside the car, then it is surely leaking from the radiator cap, what you will have to replace a few parts and wash your car at home.


So, in case you hear, see, feel or smell any of these in your car it is surely better to take expert advice and get it fixed along with a residential car wash at home.