Finally, cancer and Leo season is here, wish them happy birthday from us as well. Birthday is a very important occasion as that too has a long history and we will surely talk about it here. They must be excited about their birthday and you are caught up in your confusing world of what you can gift them. Well if you want to surprise them then you can choose cake delivery service in Delhi.

Well, you can always thank Romans for letting the celebration of birthday take place and the Greeks for lighting up candles on the offerings from where we got the idea to put candles on our birthday cake.

The gift is the most important part when it comes to birthday. Your relationship also depends on that gift as birthdays are important for the one who is inviting you as the birthdays are also known as relationship breakers or builders.


The July born ones are known to be sympathetic, caring and sincere. They are loved by their closed ones and are known to be candid with everyone. They are a bit moody but are geniuses, quiet, witty and funny.

The persons born in July who fall under the cancer zodiac can be identified with their sensitive and emotional state and the persons born under the Leo zodiac are known by their desire to be the centre of attention.

That’s enough about the July burns, but we can always talk about exciting gifts which you can gift to anyone irrespective of their gender.


These are amazing gifts if you wish to gift to someone. The beer are useful for the beer lovers who just love to drink beer mugs and you can gift these coffee mugs to you friend or loved one who just can’t go without a cup of coffee, well, we all love coffee. Don’t we?

You can also get them customised according to them maybe get “born in July” or “I am a Leo” written on that mug. We are sure that they will love that gift.


The gift for your loved one’s birthday does not have to be something extravagant. You can always go for the flower arrangements and we have plenty of blogs to help you out with it. You can always gift them the month’s birth flower which is the delphinium known to be found in blue colour this vibrant colour is just so beautiful and vivacious it is bound to refresh them.

You can always go for their favourite flowers which will remind how thoughtful you were of them while choosing the flowers. You can avail this service, if you are looking for online cake delivery in Bangalore, Kolkata and many other places.


You can always gift them the photo frames, personalised printed t-shirts and many more things with the personal touch. Remind them that you love them and the best part is that there are personalised newspapers available as well. They will just put a smile on your lover’s face if you are giving it to them or you can get one made for your mom and dad featuring their achievements and shower many compliments on them through the newspaper which is just for them.


Well, this is a must as it is one of the summer essentials. You can always gift the insulated ones in which the water is bound to stay hot or cold for a longer duration. This is one gift that will be adored by them. And they can also get their beverages poured in them thus eliminating the risk of harming the environment by using plastic cups to hold their beverages in them.


Now, this is something that your July born people will adore. You will watch cancer get emotional and you will also witness a Leo smile with a twinkle in their eye. Everyone adores jewellery as they are perfect as a present. Gift your loved one a bracelet, necklace or their favourite earrings they are bound to love those.

The best gift you can give your loved one if you live far is time but if you cannot make it then you can always send a gift. You don’t have to worry about that as we are here to help you out with the flowers and cake.

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