Lessons to be learnt from suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput

Learn a lesson from Sushant Singh Rajput’s death

There is a reason we all love Film Industry and more than that we love the actors. We admire their work, the stardom, the empire they build, and somewhere we all have a thing in our mind to achieve something in any field.

Young generations often follow popular stars and try to act accordingly. Plenty of good content has been published by Bollywood, Hollywood and another film industry and their motive is to create a good atmosphere in society and take their lives upwards. American comic book writer Stan Lee created various superpower identities for marvels that inspire others to work hard for society. In Bollywood, movies like Rang De Basati and Raazi create patriotism in individuals, Taare Zameen Par force parents to domesticate children properly; Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, 3 Idiots, and Lakshya create advantageousness in your minds.

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Bollywood industry has encouraged us in tremendous ways. 3-idiots, Chichhore sets an example to every student to do what you like, you may fail but you should never give up. Movies like Waqt, Baaghban teaches us to respect our parents, many movies that inspire us in various ways and there are some movies that have made us laugh out loud.

But sometimes we see some news that makes us feel that things are not as simple as it looks for everyone. Just as the news we came across Sushant Singh Rajput who was very versatile, talented and a young actor who was just 34 ends up his life hanging himself at his residence in Mumbai. This shows that there’s an untold story in everyone’s life, there’s a hidden pain behind everyone’s smile. His latest movie Chichhore, through this he set an example that giving up is not the solution to the problem. You have to work hard, find methods to get succeed.

From MS Dhoni: The Untold Story, Kai Po Che, Kedarnath, Chichhore his maturity level and acting skills have never failed him to be number one in people’s hearts. Some celebrities have always been an inspiration to normal people like us of which one was Shushant.

This year has been very cruel to us. Be it for a normal daily wage laborer who was struggling hard to get a meal during this lockdown, some struggled to go home, some struggled with COVID-19, some lost their special ones, some had a business loss, and farmers struggled to get their crops sold and what not.

No one has a completely happy life. What really important is, how you come back!

Suicide is definitely not the solution to any problem. You are ending up your problems and yourself through this, but have you ever thought of your closed ones? What will they do without you? Your suicide is going to make them regret entire life.

In life, if you ever feel low talk to someone, talk to your closed ones, or make yourself busy.

Try doing things that you love to do but never ever attempt suicide. This act will encourage many depressed people to commit such an act. We would rather say our life is very precious and we have so much to do, failures bring us success peak.

We have ups and downs in life remember one thing one life, one chance, make a difference, do things that you love. Maybe it’s not a good time for one but one day you will definitely find things or someone who you always wanted to be in your life.

One of the Gujarati movie actors Mayur Chauhan is offering help to everyone who is seeking help and feeling lonely. This is a very commendable action taken by young actor Mayur Chauhan-aka Michael on his social media platform. Mayur played a leading role in Gujarati movies Karsandas Pay and Use. He also performed a remarkable role in Gujarati blockbuster movie Chhello Divas.

Our strong tendency to tell others what is right, which is the cause of almost all our problems! You will be always missed Sushant!

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