Find Yourself In A Good Place: 9 Benefits Of Living In The Suburbs

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Big cities have always been very attractive places to live in. You have a wealth of job options available relatively close by. There’s a bustling social web that allows you to make more friends and increase your networking potential. It always seemed like cities were the place to be. In recent times, people have started aiming for suburban life. While it may seem quaint and boring, the suburbs come with their own set of advantages. 

There are better educational options available

When choosing a place to live, the educational opportunities of your children should be one of your top priorities. The graduation rates of inner-city schools can’t compare to suburban schools, and parents should take note of this. Inner-city schools tend to be less well-equipped to provide quality education for children, which is why they are considered unfavorable choices. Suburban schools, on the other hand, are often given more resources and better teaching materials, compared to their suburban counterparts.

If you want your children to receive an optimal education, living in the suburbs would be the right choice to make. Remember to pay attention to individual school statistics and results. The worst suburban school probably won’t be better than an average school in the inner-city. Pick a district that is known for quality schools and try to move to a suburb that’s close by. 

You won’t lack for peace and quiet

One of the most recognizable characteristics of the suburbs is that they’re peaceful. You won’t find the hustle and bustle of the city in the quiet suburbs. If you want to escape the noise and packed streets, the suburbs would be your ideal destination. 

Some people like having a little peace and quiet in their lives, which is why they tend to move out of big city areas. Consider that it can be a bit too peaceful at times. If you want to stay closer to large events and social gatherings, the suburbs might not be a good pick. You would have to drive to the city to get to the action. This keeps a lot of younger demographics from choosing the suburbs for their living arrangements. 

The costs are drastically lower

Costs are a huge factor for those seeking a new place to live. You can only go where your budget allows you to go. A certain budget might only allow you to buy a small apartment in a big city, which wouldn’t be ideal if you wanted to start a family. The same budget would get you more bang for your buck in the suburbs, as real estate there tends to be cheaper.

Before you decide to move to the suburbs, make sure you take every expense into account. The price of bills and groceries can vary, which means living in the area could end up being more expensive in the long run. Take every financial factor into consideration before making your decision. 

There’s a special bond between neighbors

When you live in the city, you don’t have that neighborly connection suburbians do. It’s not a stretch to assume that you don’t know the name of every neighbor in your building. Some people aren’t even familiar with the people living on the same floor. It’s a consequence of living in a bustling metropolis, where you hardly have time to get to know your neighbors.

Spending time in the suburbs, you will certainly become well-acquainted with everyone in the neighborhood. Where suburban environments lack large public events, they make up for with birthdays, barbecues, and town hall meetings. Neighbors will find time to hang out and help each other out with gardening and maintenance. This creates a special bond between them, which makes for pretty good friends down the line.

You’re surrounded by nature

Between the local parks and numerous thriving backyards and gardens, there’s no shortage of natural splendor in the suburbs. If you prefer nature over concrete jungles, suburbs have a lot more greenery and nature to offer. 

Cities tend to be far away from any semblance of wild and untamed nature. Suburbs are mostly located on the outskirts of cities, where they are closer to forests, national parks, and mountainous areas. This means you’ll have an easier time getting to these locations if you live in the suburbs. 

With the enormous surplus of unused land, it’s likely that a suburb will have numerous parks within it. This helps give parents a place to take their children and enjoy a bit of nature. Neighbourhood residents might even have their own hiking and biking trails in nearby forests. This can be particularly helpful if you aren’t familiar with hiking trails or hiking in general. 

A house can become an investment

Real estate has always proven to be a safe investment. When you want to make long-term profits and secure your financial future, pouring funds into a house is a solid bet. Whether that house is located in the suburbs or city doesn’t matter, as you can increase the value of the property either way. When buying your first home in the suburbs, you have to consider how you want to renovate it for maximum ROI. 

The great thing about suburbian houses is that they have more potential for lucrative investments. Other than indoor renovations, you can install a wide array of attractive outdoor elements. This includes things like pools and fountains. These are very attractive for investors and they aren’t particularly difficult to install. A bigger house will cost you less in the suburbs, but it will still have room for various renovations that can make it worth a lot of money. 

You get to own a bigger house

If there’s one thing that the suburbs don’t lack, it’s empty space. When you’re in the big city, every square inch of space is accounted for. This makes it expensive. You won’t see sprawling backyards in homes that are smack dab in the middle of big cities. 

It’s a different situation in the suburbs. You can purchase a large piece of land for a relatively small price. This gives you the freedom to build more rooms and do more construction if you buy land. It also means the housing costs for pre-built homes is going to be a lot lower than in the city.  A house and land package from Beachwood Homes is going to go for less than a two-room apartment in the city.

This is why suburbs tend to attract families and soon-to-be families. You can give everyone in the house a room, and still prepare a nursery and bedroom for children that you plan to have. The outdoor space is another benefit. You can comfortably organize your backyard and create a garden from scratch. If you want to be able to grow your own food, the suburbs would be a preferable choice compared to the city.

Privacy is abundant

You’ve probably heard of the stereotype of nosy neighbors in suburban areas. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth. People in the suburbs want to be left alone, and the environment and free space allow for maximum privacy. The relatively low population of suburbs also helps your home feel like a private oasis. 

You can spend time in your backyard or garden without worrying about noise interruptions from neighbors. The same goes for your children, which is why so many parents choose to raise their kids in the suburbs. They can safely play around and avoid unwanted attention. The same can’t be said for the busy streets of a city.

Ample storage is available

It’s difficult to keep your home decluttered when you don’t have a lot of free space to go around. Cabinets and shelves can only do so much before you run out of places to store things. An apartment isn’t a good environment for the storage of excess items. Every square foot has to be utilized efficiently, and storing too many things takes up space. Buying a storage unit is always an option, but it might not be worth the cost for such a small benefit. 

When you live in the suburbs, there’s more than enough free space to turn into storage. Many homeowners will keep excess items and tools in a backyard shed, which opens up a lot more space within the home itself. A bigger house can fit more storage options. You can have cabinets everywhere, including the basement. This keeps your home free of clutter and makes it a lot easier to maintain,


There are arguments to be made for both big cities and suburbs. Some people will prefer the chaos and convenience of a city, while others will prefer the peace of suburbia. It’s important that you know the benefits and downsides to living in either one of these environments. Choosing where to live is a big decision, which is why you shouldn’t treat the matter lightly. The above benefits might sway you towards suburbia, or they might push you away. The choice depends on your goals and what kind of environment you enjoy.

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