Father’s Day 2020 Photo Contest

Happy Father's Day Ibandhu

We have been celebrating various days throughout the year like Mother’s Day, Father’s day, Brother’s day, Sisters day, Friendship day, etc. Every day has its own importance but some special days, we should never forget and father’s day is one of them.

Father‘s day, as name suggests it commemorates fathers and his personality around the world.

Father is the pillar strength in most of the family and mostly we have seen father’s character as most strict and tough person. But, they have the kindest and softest heart like mother.

It is very easy for a female to Express her thoughts, laugh, and cry to the situation to make herself better. But, for a male it would have been very rare we might see tough man crying or expressing his thoughts.

Father’s day is all about honouring fatherhood by making him feel special and do something beyond and beyond.

You can pay your gratitude towards your dad by giving him small gift.

Fathers deserve equal amount of respect and love that we shower on our mother. He is the silent yet solid support to our life and reserves an important place in every family.

Nowadays, it’s a trend of celebrating days through photos, quotes, videos on respective day; we see numerous posts wishing in various ways. Let’s follow the trend on Ibandhu and participate Father’s Day in a unique way.

Every day is Father‘s day and Mother’s day. We should respect your parents equally everyday. Help them using your smartphone, help them in learning new things and be patient and gentle to your parents.

Especially to your father as you can never imagine how tough your life would have been without the sacrifices and hard work of Dad.

Today, we are living a peaceful life it’s because the sacrifice of our father, parents struggle throughout 365 days to meet all our requirements. From zero to hero we have became today is all because of the pillar being strong and supportive.

People around the globe get ready to pay gratitude to your beloved father. Yes, we all are together in this celebration by maintaining social distancing! 🙂

Father’s Day Contest:

Ibandhu delightfully announces Father’s Day 2020 photo contest. We welcome you to share your photo or self-portrait (selfie) with your dad on Official Facebook Page of Ibandhu.com

Terms of contest:

You can share multiple photos or selfie on your Facebook profile.

You need to tag Ibandhu Facebook page.

You also need to include #Ibandhu on your Facebook post.

Winner selection:

Winners will be selected with the most likes on Photo or Selfie. You can get more likes by tagging your Facebook friends in your photo. You need to generate more likes by sharing your Facebook post(s) on other social networking platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter, Hike, telegram, etc.


You can win a gift voucher worth Rs.50 to Rs.500 in this contest. Your voucher will be delivered to you within a week after the completion of this contest. We will announce total 9 winners.

  • Highest Prize amount Rs.500 – will be given to the first winner
  • Second Prize amount Rs.150 – will be given to second and third winners
  • Third Prize amount Rs.50 – will be given to five winners

Keep Sharing:

So, what are you waiting for! Keep sharing photos on Facebook by tagging Facebook page of Ibandhu accompanying with hashtag #Ibandhu. This competition will end on midnight of June 22, 2020

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