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Doctors Day 2020 - Ibandhu

Since the pandemic kicked in, we realised the importance of Doctors. We always took casual approach to real superheroes who saves lives – Doctors. Just, remember the day when we expressed our gratitude to front line warriors standing in balconies or terrace by clapping.

Corona pandemic has changed the definition of a warrior, who would have imagined that Doctors will also be given a title Warrior whom we often call as God or Next to God. Just as a warrior fights with an enemy, today doctors from all over the world are fighting to come out of this Global epidemic. Today we are celebrating Doctor Day and this year, it is more special. Because it gives us one more chance to come forward to celebrate, thank and salute them for their non-stop efforts to make sure we all are safe.

Doctor’s day is celebrated on different dates in various countries across the globe. In India, this day is celebrated on 1st July. In USA, UK, and Australia, it is being celebrated on 30th March and In Canada, 1st May is celebrated as National Physicians day.

Why 1st July Celebrated as  Doctor’s  Day?

It is observed that on this day Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, the Legendry Physician and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal was born and co-incidentally he passed away on the same date.

Dr. Roy was born on 1st July, 1882 and he died on 1st July, 1962. In honour of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy this day is celebrated as a Doctors day in India. Dr. Roy was eminent Physician, freedom fighter, educationist, and politician throughout the years in India. Dr. Bidhan was presented with highest civilian award of Republic of India, Bharat Ratna in 1961.

Have you ever Thought of “A life without Doctor”?

Doctor’s are the living god in today’s era. They put all hard works to give a new life to a patient. I will talk about my personal experience here; my mother felt a bit tizzy so we immediately rushed to the hospital. After the reports, we came to know that my mother’s two arteries were blocked of which the left main coronary artery was blocked almost of 89%.

Doctor’s suggested for an immediate Coronary artery bypass surgery or an Angioplasty. However, angioplasty often known as Stent surgery was still the second option suggested by a doctor as arteries damage was in such way that placing stent inside could have risked my mother’s life. Of-course Bypass surgery was also a risky like other surgeries. Knowing the pain of Bypass surgery we opted to go with an Angioplasty.

After 5 hours of operation when Doctor informed of successful operation, then all worries buried and there were smiling on faces in my family.

There might be many others like me, who might have gone through critical phases in life for saving their loved ones and then Doctors came in front to help them and give new life to a person.

Through this, it really feels a life without doctors would have been very tough and mortality rate would have been fiendish.

Commendable Work By Doctor’s During Covid-19!

During this scorching heat wearing a mask for few hours is also very difficult for us. We see people complaining breathing problem, sweat issues on wearing mask. I really suggest such people to wear a Full PPE kit that doctors wear to treat covid-19 patients in this singeing heat. I bet you lose! Here, we call them (Doctors) warriors because the way they are fighting against Corona is unmatchable, incomparable.

In one of the interview of a Doctor, I came to know how difficult it was for them to work in Corona ward. As donning and doffing PPE kit almost take their 25-30 Mins. While working in Corona ward they use to avoid drinking water and having lunch for continuous 7-8 hours.

During this Lock down most of us were engraved within four walls with family members at the same time doctors were risking their lives and working hard day and night to keep communities safe. They couldn’t even meet their family member’s for several weeks due to continuous work load. There has been a time even doctors got infected and some of them lost their lives too! Thanks to insurance companies who provide Professional indemnity insurance policies to doctors, which is quite useful for private practitioners.

Akshay Kumar and B Praak have remarked the lyrics of Movie Kesari saying “Sarhad pe jo wardhi Khakhi thi ab Uska Rang Safed Hua

This remake was to pay tribute to front-line warriors and it will surely give a Goosebumps to any of us if we imagine how tough it would have been for doctors to fight this pandemic.

Thank you Doctors - Ibandhu

Thank You Doctor’s!

Just like we salute an Indian Army, Ibandhu insist readers to thank doctors for their inimitable efforts to mitigate Corona Pandemic.

Here’s How this year you can Thank a Doctor

  • Wear a Mask when stepping out of home.
  • Do not roam unnecessary.
  • Sanitize your hands properly.
  • Whenever you go out in a public place avoid touching things, in case if you do, do not forget to sanitize yourself.
  • Preferably take a bath.


On this Doctor’s day, Ibandhu would like to say a big thank you to all the doctors for their commendable job.

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