Step Up Your Small Business Game During Covid19: Marketing tips to Increase Success

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There isn’t one business organization that didn’t have to change something about their operations to adapt to the current crisis. The virus is here but it doesn’t mean that any small business should stop working just because they had to close their doors for the time being. It’s all about rising to the challenge of the new normal. The following tips will tell you more about certain areas small businesses can change or adapt to endure the crisis.

Use your social media accounts to raise awareness

During uncertain times people rely on media outlets to be informed about the crisis. Unfortunately, some people don’t know how to filter fake news and unconfirmed news. You can act like a reliable source and use your social media accounts to raise awareness. Of course, don’t neglect your predefined social media strategy. Just find slots in your schedule to share about the importance of social distancing and wearing masks.

Take everything online

The time of crisis means that you need to adapt your business plan, and not give up. Of course, this also depends on the type of business you’re conducting. Nonetheless, everything can be taken online from consultations, appointments, building strategies to selling products. For example, dentists can still hold online consultations and discuss options with their patients. Restaurants that are currently locked for customers can film daily cooking videos to teach their loyal customers to make easy meals at home. 

Most importantly, you need to maintain open communication with both your clients and stakeholders. On the other hand, you have to communicate with your employees as well on a daily basis. Make sure they have everything they need to work from their home and support them.

Give back to your local community

If you want to use the time of social distancing to better your company image, you can host an online workshop. A seminar or any other kind of educational event will work as well. People are looking for ways to better themselves and increase their skills to land a better job or even find a new one because they lost their job.

You probably have a number of skilled professionals in your team who’d like a chance to host a virtual workshop. With the help of a team of professionals, you can devise a plan and organize the entire thing from recording the content to delivering it to the end customer. Teaching people something new will have a positive response and you’ll acquire new followers and customers.

Redefine your delivery

The fact that people won’t come to your door to request a service or buy a product, doesn’t mean that your sale has to stop. You just need to redefine your delivery options. Take your product from in-store purchases to online purchases and delivery to their door. Delivery services are among essential workers and you can hire a local delivery service to assist you in your daily operations. This way you will support another local business and give back to the community as well. 

Redefine your marketing budget

If you had several in-person events planned to promote your service and your product, you should reallocate the budget to other marketing channels. You can host an online event with the help of an event management company and deliver the same value to your customers, stakeholders, and business partners. Instead of cancelling the event, redirect your budget and efforts to taking it up online. Also, work on improving your website ranking and your entire digital media presence. People will spend all their time online so you should take advantage of that. Improve your blog content and write about things people will find useful.

Take a look at your competition

It’s okay to cast a few glances at your main competitors. It doesn’t mean that you’ll steal their ideas or follow their lead. You’ll also raise your own awareness about the latest trends among your direct and indirect competitors. Insight will help you adjust your current strategy to the latest changes and demands. Part of your marketing strategy is to compete against your competitors. So use this to your advantage to reach your marketing goals.

Stepping up your business strategy during COVID 19 isn’t something you should fret about and delay. Act now, follow trends and learn from your niche and adjust your strategy according to the new normal.

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