Reliance Jio comes with plenty of Surprises

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Mukesh Ambani comes with existing announcements at the annual Reliance AGM 2020 on Wednesday. Reliance Jio will be proudly launching 5G in India using home grown technologies according to company’s managing director Mukesh Ambani.

“Today, I have great pride in announcing that Jio has designed and developed a complete 5G solution from scratch. This will enable us to launch a world-class 5G service in India, using 100% homegrown technologies and solutions,” Mukesh Ambani mentioned this while addressing the Annual General Meeting of Reliance Jio to shareholders, current and potential users, along with media.

Here are four important things to know from Reliance AGM 2020:

  • Reliance became the first Indian company to exceed market capitalisation of $150 billion
  • Reliance is also the first Indian company to cross Rs. 100K crore in consolidated EBITDA (Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization)
  • Consumer businesses today contribute about 35% of our consolidated EBITDA
  • At Rs. 202,830 crore, we continue to be India’s largest exporter accounting for 9.1% of India’s total merchandise exports across 109 countries.

Reliance and Google are now together

With the estimable aim to provide internet to the most Indian, Google made an announcement on their official blog regarding their collaboration with Reliance Jio. Both companies mutually signed an agreement for and Google is willingly going to invest $4.5 billion (INR 33,737 crore) in Reliance Jio Ltd. and will hold 7.73% stake in company after regulatory approval. Google has taken this initiative under Google for India Digitization Fund.

Reliance Jio also announced Jio Glass

A would be digital headset – Jio Glass will entertain users with various features like, video calls, 3D holographic environment. Jio Platforms’ Tesseract subsidiary has designed the Jio Glass, which is already compatible with 25 mixed reality applications already. It weighs only 75 grams, which completely resembles to normal pair of sunglasses. This glass can be paired with your Smartphone to experience the 3D augmented world. Those 25 mixed reality applications will serve various genres like reading, entertainment, shopping, etc.

You can also use Jio Glass as your Smartphone to make a call with your voice command. You can ask Jio Glass using voice command like, “Hello Jio, please call AAA and XYZ.” The Jio Glass enables users to make a holographic video call which you can project on a large screen. You can also enable virtual interactions through 3D virtual avatar or even in a 2D manner.


This AGM meeting took many existing news for industry and will surely help to boost frozen Indian economy under Covid-19 pandemic. However, new technologies are not going to help normal needy people, who are struggling right now to reach their basic requirements but will surely entice youngsters who are foremost players in this game.

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