England vs Pakistan Test series 2020 – 2nd Test

Test Series

England vs Pakistan Test series 2020 – 2nd Test

2nd Test:

Second Test of the series of three Test matches between England and Pakistan is going to be played at the Rose Bowl, Southampton starting from August 13th 2020.


England vs Pakistan Test series 2020 – 1st Test

Pakistan Tour of England History:

The teams completed 84 meetings in the longest cricket format. Out of them, the host won 26 times and lost 21 times, with 37 matches without any result. In the last 20 encounters between the team, there was just one draw.

On the soil of England, the teams faced each other 54 times. Out of them, the English team won 24 times, and the Pakistan team won 12 times with 18 draw games. First test of the 2006 test series in England was the last time, when none of the team received victory in English venue.

Victory brings points:

The host has no chance to increase the position for the team, but the team could manage to increase the points and for that, the team needs to win the series, as even drawing the series will cost the host to lose the points.

On the other hand, the visitors are in a very good position, as the team will lose the points in case of series defeat only, even in drawing the series will also give increment in the points to the visiting team. Series victory will help the team to promote in the position from seventh to fifth, as the team already lost the chance to reach forth position in case of three-nil series win.

Venue Weather:

Weather forecast for Southampton shows mostly rain (for the third and fifth day) and thunderstorms (for the first, second and fourth day) for all five days. Chances of Rain are extremely high and could hit the match, extremely bad, as the precipitation percentage would be more than 80% on the days of thunder storm, and around 60% for the other days. The temperature would be in the 20s Celsius. The wind would be between 10 kmph to 15 kmph throughout the match, but on the fifth day, where it would be more than 20 kmph.

Toss and Pitch:

Teams preferred to bat first after winning the toss, which happened thrice out of 4 matches, and the selection favored the teams and the teams won twice after selecting the first batting and lost once. On the other hand, the team chose to field first after winning the toss just once, where the team neither won the match nor defeated, but the match result was drawn

Particularly, for England, the team won the toss all four times, and the teams won the twice with the one defeat and one draw.

The first batting team won the matches twice, whereas, the teams, who batted second, won the match just once, yet.

The lowest defended total was 245. On the other hand, the highest successful chase is 200 on the ground. It would be interesting to see, if the target is set in between,

The first inning lowest total was 184, and the highest total was 569 (declared inning) runs. For the second inning, the lowest total was 273 runs, whereas the highest was 377 (declared inning) runs. The lowest total was 271 (completed inning) and 205 (declared inning) runs, whereas the highest was 334 (uncompleted inning) runs for the third inning. And for the fourth inning, the lowest total was 184 (completed innings), whereas the highest was 200 (chased down the target with four wickets in hands) runs.

The batting average of the first innings is 32.51 and 34.15 is for the second innings, whereas 38.72 is for third inning and 21.61 for the fourth inning.

History Between the Teams:

Both the teams never faced each other at the venue. In fact, the visitors are going to visit the place for the first time.

Test History at Venue:

The home side has an above average record at the venue, and won twice out of four encounters and lost just once with 1 draw.

Tentative XI for both the Teams:


The home side could pick the pacers, but spinners would be handy in the fourth inning as well. The team has one forced change for B. Stokes, and may include S. Curren or one specialist batsman.

England Eleven: R. Burns, D. Sibley, J. Root, O. Pope, J. Butler, S. Curren / Z. Crawley, C. Woakes, J. Archer, D. Bess, S. Broad, J. Anderson


The visitors would prefer to go with pacers due to the same reason, and also include one spinner. The team may do some changes

Pakistan Eleven: A. Ali, S. Masood, A. Ali, B. Azam, A. Shafiq / S(h). Khan, F. Alam, S. Ahmed / M. Rizwan, Y. Shah, S. Afridi, M. Abbas, N. Shah / S(o). Khan

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