YouTube Shorts – A New Way to Express Yourself with TikTok alike

Youtube grabbed the opportunity by launching YouTube Shorts after the Indian government banned Chinese applications. Indian youth have become free as the government banned popular applications like TikTok, Pub-G, Shareit, etc.

YouTube Shorts - Ibandhu

Initially, YouTube is going to launch YouTube Shorts beta, a new video experience will let users create short videos for fifteen seconds or less. YouTube Shorts will add a new section in the existing YouTube application. Users will be allowed to discover videos around the platform.

YouTube will launch a multi-segment camera to shoot video clips alongside a large music library. YouTube Shorts is going to launch initially in India for Android devices and they are going to expand their innovation for IOS for other countries.

Hostages 2 – A Boring & Tasteless Chewing Gum

Just like TikTok, users will be allowed to swipe vertically to watch the next videos. They are also going to serve similar videos to users with suggestions.

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