How to Find The Best WiFi Channel For Your Router on Any OS

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You might have found issues if you live in an apartment with your wireless connections dropping off or not as good as you like. This is often related to wireless channels available in your area.

You will encounter much interference with your networks when you’re on the same WiFi channel as many of your neighbors, so it’s better to pick another channel that has fewer people on it. When you do, this interference is that, and the WiFi signal is increased.

Nonetheless, the first move is to detect what channel in your region is less congested. Many tools can help you to find out the channels and the networks using the. It would be best if you found out the channel that is used by the least networks.

Channel Settings

Channel settings are available for your router. Many routers have “Auto” channel settings, but there are at least a dozen WLAN channels if you browse through the list. And how do you know what WiFi channels in that list are faster than the others? The right WiFi channel will dramatically improve your WiFi coverage and efficiency.

WiFi is 1, 6, and 11 since they don’t interfere with each other’s most common 2.4 GHz channels. For example, if you want channel 1, but your neighbor uses channel 2, you’re not sure you want to move to 11, but 6 can work better if it isn’t. Even as tempting as it is to use channels other than 1, 6, and 11, note that others can stop at your data, and you may be the cause for trouble with the channel.

A crowded area with many WiFi networks on channels 1 and 6 shiftings to channel 3 or 6 is not likely to improve it. Yes, as a result of increased interference it may result in a loss of signal power.

Though they are busy, as a rule, stick to channels 1, 6, and 11. Of course, you can always play with other networks and ensure that your signal strength and network capacity are tested.

Tools to Change the Channel

The following tools can help you find out the WiFi channels being used by various near-by networks:

Windows: NirSoft WifiInfoView

Linux: The iwlist Command

Android: WiFi Analyzer

iOS: Airport Utility

You can obtain information about your device if you have a Mac with a new version of Mac OS and OS X by keeping the Options button and clicking the WiFi icon on the menu bar. Then select Open Wireless Diagnostics to create a report that covers local channels.

Try customized firmware like DD-WRT or Advanced Tomato if you want more channel options. All of them deliver wider channels than most firmware on stock routers. Tomato has built-in scanning functions for your region and selects the least congested channel automatically.

Whatever way you use, look for the least used channel to find your network’s best WiFi channel.

How To Change Wifi Channel

If you are aware of the wireless channel which is least congested near you, enter its IP address in the browser address bar and go to the router management tab. It’s probably,, or, depending on the router. Login into yours using the myblink login. For specifics, please see the router manual or the router edge. To change the WiFi channel, go to the Wireless router settings, and use the new channel.

On your laptop or other network computers, you do not need to do something. This change can make a difference in the performance of your wireless network.

You can find a channel width change option on the router admin tab, usually between 20MHz and 40MHz. The higher, the better, right?

Ok, in theory. There would be almost definitely more production if there were no other networks, and you had the entire range for yourself.

Using a broader spectrum is less stable in practice if there are other networks around as you are likely to interfere more. You’d even make the neighbors more involved! It is safer to stick to a lower congested channel at 20MHz in this situation.

These small steps could help you to browse faster without any disturbances in your WiFi.

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