7 Gift Card Hacks You Need to Get the Best Benefits

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  • Congratulations! You have earned a gift card.
  • Sorry! Your gift card expired.

How many times did this happen that you earned a gift card, forgot to use it, or realized you lost it? Or you had no idea of how much balance it had? Many, right? Happens with us too.

But do not worry, we know some tricks that can help you. Here we are presenting you with some life-saving hacks that can help you with your forgotten gift cards.

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Sell It For Cash

We get a gift card in return when we are done with shopping, sometimes. Now, we may or may not be able to use it. But what if there is a way we can get cash in return? (That would be great, right?)

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People of our proximity, such as our family members or friends, can use the card to sell it for cash to them. You might not get the card’s total price in return, but something is better than nothing.

Buy It At Discounted Prices

Remember when we told you to get cash in return for your gift card? Now imagine yourself on the other side of the panel. You can get gift cards at discounted prices from your close ones (That’s what I would look for!).

Buying and selling gift cards are easy, so the next time you are looking for good gift cards or want to sell the one you already own, you will know what to do.

Look For A Gift Card That Can Be Used At Different Places

There are friend companies of different stores, where the gift card can later be used. Look for such gift cards, so you do not have to buy from the same stores you are just done shopping with.

This trick will give you more options and, therefore, more discounts to choose from. You can quickly get the information about the partner brands on the gift card itself via the store manager or through the internet.

Do Not Forget To Use Them

Sometimes, when we are in the store, we realize we own a gift card for the same thing we are buying. And we know we left it in our cupboard. Now we will have to pay the total price for the bill. One thing you can do is save the card on your phone.

All you have to do is to click on a picture so you will never lose it again. Because then you will have a number to use, even if you lose your gift card, you can always redeem it.

You can also set a reminder on your phone whenever you get a gift card. You would always know when your gift card will expire and how many you own.

Keep Track Of The Balance

  • Would this gift card work?
  • Sorry, you do not have enough balance.

What you can do is, every time you use your gift card, ask for the balance from the store itself and write it down on the card. That way, you will always know how much balance is left on your gift card. This trick does well if you own multiple gift cards from the same store. With the track of the balance, you can buy things with higher discounted values.

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Shop Through Cashback Sites

Sites like Google Pay, Paytm, and other mobile wallets always have a cashback offer. Check for the best that suits your requirements and get a gift card coupon in return. This trick will still get you something in return. So that every time you do a transaction, you do not always part with your cash.

Each cashback site has a cashback rate. You could as much as 1% to 70% or even more! So it is yet another great way of getting gift cards in return.

Refer And Earn

There is this offer going on Google Pay. When a friend of yours or a family member joins Google Pay with your referral code, you can receive cashback up to INR180/-. So that is a gift card of up to 180/- for free! This is the best way to earn gift cards without having to spend anything.


As you can see, multiple hacks are done while using a gift card. If you are looking for selling an unwanted gift card or buying a gift card at discounted prices or are just looking for a way to use the little balance you left with. Use this link to get free Spotify gift card codes, you can use the tricks above and can get desirable results. Give these tricks a go and let us know how you like it.

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