Scam 1992 Review: The Cinematically Brilliant Harshad Mehta Story

Scam 1992 Review: The Harshad Mehta Story - Ibandhu

Born in Rajkot, Gujarat – An aspirational boy from a middle-class family wants to change the wind blowing in the stock market, finds the loopholes, and tastes the success in a very short time. A white-collar scam reaches million before to come out in the limelight of higher officials of RBI, popular BANKS, and SEBI officers.


But, here we are not going to discuss the real Harshad Mehta as you will get an idea after watching this cinematically brilliant story “Scam 1992: the Harshad Mehta Story”. It is really fun when you love something and you need to express it as your chore. Today I am going to write a review of “Scam 1992: the Harshad Mehta Story”!


Cinematically Brilliant and White Collar Robber – Harshad Mehta:

A white-collar robber finds out the loophole in systems then manipulates the stock market first and subsequently manipulated the money market, resulting in India’s biggest financial scam. Coincidentally, this web series’ director’s second name is also Mehta; full name is Hansal Mehta, who did an excellent job in the creation of this web series.

While watching Scam 1992 on Sony Liv, I never felt I am watching something; it was always like living that era with Harshad Mehta. The way it has been directed, the way everyone justified their roles, you will also feel the same as what I felt.

The era of 90’ and 00’:

Director Hansal Mehta did a fabulous job as they actually take the audience to live that era. Director did choose popular props of the ’90s like Atlas cycle, Old Electric Switchboard, LML scooter, Fiat Car, etc. Additionally, in the end, they have created a vintage hospital of the ’00s by using old-fashioned tiles, furniture, signboards, etc.

Role of Media:

Here we are talking about the role of real media, not social media that creates dilemmas! The role of media is always crucial, whether it is 1990 or 2020; they are meant to create changes by bringing out the truth to the public. Suchita Dalal from the Times of India did the same with Harshad Mehta, she kept digging in even when the TOI wasn’t so much relying on her story. However, her enthusiasm forces higher officials at the Times of India to publish her story once (of course with job losing warning, if it goes wrong!), which turned out as a curse for Harshad Mehta and his ambitions.

Media’s interaction with Harshad Mehta:

In 1992, Harshad Mehta was one of the best market gurus amongst stock brokers. His motto was, to find out loopholes in the systems and breach them to “grow more” individually.

Harshad Mehta to Suchita Dalal:

“I can’t force you to believe this, though I would like you to believe this.” – When Harshad was trying to prove his points to Suchita Dalal.

Harshad Mehta to Pritesh Nandi:

Beyond a few crores, I don’t need the money and if it becomes…it starts giving you a negative effect than the positive… I don’t want to pass that poison to my son..!

RBI was aware of the fraud for more than a year; if they couldn’t change it…brokers are the small segment of the whole market.

Q: How is it for you, From Public Hero to Public Villain No.1?

A: Only one and one my request is, I don’t want bouquet… It’s too much of a swing from top to the bottom and bringing back…and I won’t say I am a Hero. Let me be what I am and I am proud of what I am…!

Theater artists rock in Scam 1992: the Harshad Mehta Story

Theater articles like Satish Kaushik and Rajat Kapoor gave a luminous performance as they always do. The cherry on the top is Pratik Gandhi – The Gujju boy who played Harshad Mehta. Most Gujarati audiences would be knowing Pratik Gandhi, as he gave remarkable performances in movies like Wong Side Raju, Love ni Bhavai, Dhunki, etc. Those who don’t know Pratik Gandhi will know; how brilliant he is.

We cannot forget Shreya Dhanwanthary, the girl playing Suchita Dalal, as she performed like a gem. She demonstrated the dedication of Suchita Dalal on screen, but we can also witness her dedication towards her acting. Last but not the least, Shadaab Khan who played Ajay Kedia; is as brilliant as others. PS: Shadaab Khan is the son of late actor Amjad Khan and is of Pathan ancestry.

The verdict by K2 (Ketan Parekh):

Earlier we have seen movies and web series on Crimes and Frauds. No doubt Hansal Mehta did a great job by making Scam 1992: the Harshad Mehta Story, but our directors and writers should also focus on positive characters. In the world and India, we have so many wise and positive characters like Shivaji, Rani Ahalya Bai, Gautam Buddha, Aristotle, Swami Vivekanand, Baba Amte, and so on… Our industry should also try to make their stories popular, which will help younger generations to choose the right path.

Cinematically Brilliant and White Collar Robber – Harshad Mehta

Cinematically I am going to be generous to the whole team of Scam 1992: the Harshad Mehta Story and giving them 4.5 cups out of 5 for excellent work in almost sectors except music and missing two brothers. Yes, Harshad Mehta had two more brothers (Hitesh Mehta and Sudhir Mehta) than Ashwin Mehta, however, they were never mentioned in this web series. Before watching this web series I knew almost nothing about Harshad Mehta, however, personally negative personalities may leave its impression on the subconscious mind, which may subsequently blast as it blasted for Harshad Mehta.

Conspiracy Theory / Rumors on Harshad Mehta:

By digging little, I came to know some unknown/unrevealed facts about Harshad Mehta. The very first is, he was holding $1350 Billion in Swiss Bank. Another conspiracy was, death of Harshad Mehta in 2001 was a dead faint and it is believed that Harshad died in 2012 after a few officials let him break prison in 2011.

Post Scripts of Scam 1992: the Harshad Mehta Story:

“The 1992 Scam saw the Indian market collapse completely as the stock prices dropped dramatically, wiping out over Rs 1 Lakh Crore in market capitalization.”

“Though a Special Court was instituted in 1992 with the intention of enabling quick and efficient disposal of cases, in some cases litigation continues even after 28 years.”

“As a fall-out of the scam, the securities and financial system of India took up rapid reforms in its fundamental structure.”

“SEBI was given far-reaching powers in its monitoring of the bourses.”

“When the scam came to light, over 70 criminal and 600 civil cases were filed against Harshad Mehta and family.”

“Most criminal cases have been dropped, but civil cases remain.”

“Most of the cases against prime accused Harshad Mehta were abated after his death in 2001.”

“Sucheta Dalal was conferred the prestigious Padma Shri award for journalism in 2006.”

“Ashwin Mehta continues to fight all the cases as a constituted attorney himself.”

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