Best PC build under 30000 in India 2020

The Best pc build under 30000

If you are going to build a PC under 30000 you can expect gaming on 1080 p settings.

In this PC build, you will get a budget CPU and budget graphics card which will sport 1080 be medium to high setting gaming.

So if you want to play games on 1080 p medium to high settings then check this article for more information.

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Best components for PC build under 30000

The main component for building a PC is a processor and motherboard.

So if you get a wrong motherboard that doesn’t support your processor then your PC build doesn’t boot up.

1. I3 9100F processor for gaming pc build

For playing games in this PC build, you can check i3 9100 f processor. You can play enough games in this processor at the 1080p setting.

And the motherboard which will support this processor also comes on a budget. So you can check this processor to be included in this PC build.

The TDP of this processor is also less as compared to other processes in this budget. This will help you to reduces your expenses on a higher power supply.

2. Asus prime H310m motherboard

The best and a budget motherboard that allows you to add up to 32GB ddr4 is prime H310m. in this motherboard, your processor will be fully supported and the graphics card which is discussed below is also compatible with it.

One thing in this motherboard is that there you will get only 2 slots for ram installation. Each slot of Ram sports up to 16GB of Ram with ddr4 and 2666 MHz frequency.

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This motherboard is not made for overclocking the processor or a graphics card specifically. If you want to overclock your processor or graphics card then you can check any other motherboard.

3. GTX 1650 4GB graphics card for gaming pc build

If you want to play games on 1080 p settings and you need a minimum GTX 1650 graphics card.

If you are still paying your processor with some low-quality graphics cards like GT 730 or 10:30 then you aren’t able to play games on 1080 p settings as they don’t support that level of gaming.

This GTX 1650 graphics card comes with 4GB ram and a good amount of Cuda cores which are required for playing games on this resolution.

If this graphics card is slightly expensive for you and doesn’t comes under your budget. as per the prices of this graphics card is being changed frequently then you can check another graphics card called RX 570.

And if you want to spend more money then you can check the best graphics card under 15000. Which will give you great gaming performance with this pc build.

This graphics card is also good for 1080 p level gaming. And there you will also get an option of 8GB RAM variant.

4. Hyperx Fury DDR4 2660 MHz RAM

The minimum Ram required for playing games on that resolution is 8GB. and if you want to play games on 1080 resolution then you should add a minimum of 8GB RAM in your PC build.

Here is some option of 8GB RAM available in the market. Hyperx Fury 8GB 2666 MHz RAM is also a good option for this PC build.

With this Ram, you don’t get an option of RGB. This comes in a budget range so that you can expect performance from it rather than the RGB.

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But still, this Ram looks good as compared to other ram’s comes in this budget.

5. Antec Atom 450W power supply

As per the power supply, you require a minimum of 400 watts.

as this PC build doesn’t require that much power you can include an Antec atom power supply. In this power supply, you will get a good quality of wires.

For the budget pc build this power supply is a great option. But if you want to know any other option then corsair VS450 is also a good option for this pc build.

6. Kingston A400 240Gb SSD

If you want it to include an SSD in this visible as it is much faster than a usual hard disk you can include Kingston 120Gb SSD. This SSD is also a good option to be included in this pc build as you want to play games with it.

If you want to include both then WD 1GB hard disk is also a good option for including in this PC build with SSD. As for storing files, you can use your hard disk and for storing windows and important files you can use SSD.

7. Antec VSK 4000

For the cabinet you can buy any which you like will be good for your PC build.

But still, if you want to know an option for a PC build then circle and Antec cabinets are great options in a budget segment.

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In this PC build, you can play games on 1080 p settings with no lag or stutter. And if you want to play in more regulation you have to increase your budget.

So if you like the list of PC build under 30000 then feel free to share with your friends.

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