How To Download Free Music Legally In 2020

“Without music, life would be a mistake” – Friedrich Nietzsche.

Nothing can be more accurate than the above statement. Music has been a carrier of aspirations, agony, astonishment, and accomplishment. People turn to music during good times as well as bad times. Unfortunately, music is also the brainchild of a specific individual, the owner.

However, copyright infringement has been a widespread issue in this field for a long time. To mitigate this burning issue, many alternative sources have come up that are free yet legal. The year 2020 has given a tough time to all of us. Fortunately, the websites and sources mentioned below can get some calming effects safely yet straightforward.


This is one of the most favored websites in the world today. The growth curve of this phenomenal source of excellent music website has seen an exponential rise. Many ardent fans have flocked this website to their daily dose of music.

There is a lot of free downloadable music on offer as well. If the original owner allows the song to be downloaded, it can be stored for offline purposes. Spotify is another platform to download music. You can also download Spotify music with 4Hub and listen whenever. Soundcloud is now becoming an inherent part of any music fan’s life due to its much-loved features.

Amazon Music

A company that has its footprint in almost all our lives is also foraying into the music segment. Amazon has been a pioneer in many things across the world. It aims to play the same role in the musical domain as well. Just go to the mp3 songs available, click on your desired theme, hit on buy, no money paid, check out and enjoy.

Indeed a great collection awaits music lovers. There is not a great collection of rock music but also Pop songs, R & B, to name a few. Over 50,000 pieces await one and all on this new arena of Amazon. As history suggests, Amazon is in for a long run in this genre of business as well.


Many indie fans received a shot in the arm when this website decided to makeover 6,00,000 indie songs for download. This makes the enviable collection of party mode indie songs available to the whole world at the tap of a button. The website has ensured the users enjoy even places where internet connectivity can be an issue by enabling the download option by downloading the songs at a prior stage.


Imagine Dragons and The Civil Wars owe their success to this website. The famous rock band Alabama Shakes also peaked its popularity due to this excellent website and its broad reach due to music’s free availability. Being a free music provider to many fans worldwide, this website has been a launchpad for many upcoming stars of the modern music industry.

Not to mention its massive popularity among the Hard Rock and Pop fandom. People have to select the “Free Mp3 needed” option via the Artist subsection. Next, click on the name of the album post, which a new page having a download icon will appear. Click on it and enjoy it.


This website is a modern-day bridge between the requirements of the music artists and music fans. On the one hand, artists can upload their music with ease. On the other hand, fans can download them by selecting a theme from the drop-down with a simple click.

All this without paying even one cent. This free website also acts as a social portal of interaction for the fans with their favorite artists. In short, a driving force behind the growth of the music community on a global scale.

Google Play Store

You cannot keep Google away from this segment. Unknown to many, it has a pretty extensive collection of free music across various genres. It is slowly rising in the charts and fans’ hearts as a one-stop solution for all free downloadable music. Just a click and we are done. That day is not far when for every query related to music download, the answer will be, “Just Google it.”

Internet Archive

As the name suggests, it’s an archive of almost everything. From rock to hip-hop, electronic to R & B; name it, they have it. More so, they also boast of a vast collection of audio mixtapes. These can be used after free download from the website for various purposes by upcoming music artists. Not to mention the podcasts. Indeed they are a cynosure for one and all.


If we search the channel after applying the “Creative Commons,” our favorite video streaming channel can also be a one-stop destination for many free audio songs. Moreover, under the “Creator Studio” section, we can select an audio library to get our hands on a lot of free music available for download. YouTube is a messiah in this mode of entertainment as well.


Rap music and Audiomack can be considered as synonyms. With its extensive collection of hip-hop, rap, and trap, this website has taken over the music world by storm. Add to this, the free download feature is a unique add-on that makes this website a goldmine of music files.


The Hip-hop world and DatPiff go hand-in-hand. Both have seen a meteoric rise in their popularity. Each owes the other a fair share of its success. DatPiff has ensured that hip-hop fans get access to downloadable audio mixtapes and tracks worldwide without any fuss. Heaven for the freestyling community, this website is a platform for the future of many potential superstars.

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