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An Internet Bandhu precisely known as Ibandhu, is India’s one of the popular media platform where people can learn, read, laugh, cry and gossip on various interesting topics. Ibandhu is meant for the people who always enthusiastic to know this world more specifically.

Ibandhu is all about Internet, whatever you need to know or find on Internet, we will try to put it up on our website. We are considering ourselves not more than an ambitious kid who wants to fly in the sky with the private jet but believe us, we meant by saying that. We constantly trying to publish interesting content for our viewers who come with some good expectations.

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What are we publishing?

Here, we share different types of stories, news, videos and memes, which attract all generations and genders. Let us introduce various categories, on which we are mainly focusing on,


Internet and Technology

Internet and Technology is such a wide topic to be discuss on, but we all use internet and technologies vice-versa ways. According to research, there are about 3.5 billion people using Smart phones worldwide and over 401.74 million people using Smart phones in India. Now, it is believed that most of them use internet on their phones to learn, read and find something.



Technology in all mean! Mobile devices, Motors, computers, DVD players, etc. you can read story on characteristics of various technologies. Sum of abilities, methods, techniques and processes used for the making of goods and services can be considered as Technology. There are following types of technologies like Construction, Communication, Product, Medical, Architecture, Business, Educational, Information, Space, Artificial, Robotics, Super intelligence, Agriculture, Assistive, Operation, and entertainment technology.


Internet is a network that allows various technologies like computers, Ipad, Smart phones, to connect with each others. Internet is the main source of communication between various technologies. It is a networking infrastructure or in other words it is a monolithic network of networks. Here you can read articles and stories on Internet related topics.

Digital Marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization), Email Marketing etc. techniques used in Digital Marketing. Websites need to get visitors from various sources like, search engines, social networking platforms, or from referral networks. Digital Marketing helps websites to generate traffic for websites. Digital Marketing used to reach consumers through internet, search engines, and social networking websites.


Interests change generation to generation, 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, and very soon we are going to use fifth generation (5G) internet and devices. New generations have various gadgets like, Smartphone, Smart Watch, Emergency Chargers, Bluetooth Speakers, Bluetooth headphones, etc. Under this category, you can read, learn and discuss thoroughly on various popular gadgets.


Lifestyles IbandhuIf you are interested in travelling and food then you must read articles under this category. Here you can also interpret on different topics like, travel, food, health, education, home improvements. We put painstaking efforts to display in-depth content for our audience. Let us reveal and enjoy the life with wishful intent and uttermost knowledge.



This planet is full on magical things when you love to travel around, grow your sense sharply by knowing and then visiting one of the most popular places around the globe. This wonderful world is beset with nature, charm, adventure, trees, sea, mountains and many more. You should not stop when you have right intent to explore this beautiful earth.


Hello food lovers! Spring up your hunger and taste with proper understanding on different types of foods. We are here to serve you the best quality food, sorry, food related content of Indian, Mexican, Italian, Punjabi, South Indian, and Diet food. Food is the essential that helps every life on the earth to keep moving and here we will talk about tasty as well as healthy foods.


World is surrounded by plenty of uncertainties and health is one of the top priorities for every mankind. Know the importance and value of your health with the best quality content written by our expert writers. Try to keep your health up to the mark and boost your immunity with superiority and delicious food.


Intelligence should create the good characters in society and that should be motto of the education. Education systems always try to nurture childhood to with knowledge that will help them to live life properly and also to earn money. Under this category we are going to share many topics which can be helpful for children, parents, teachers, as well as for education institution. Motto of is also the same as we also want our audience to read top notch content written by talented writers.

Home Improvements

This special category is going to lure the housewives and interior designers mostly as we share useful content to improve your home with the help of some astonishing ideas. People get confused when they take home lighting, curtains, tiles, basin etc into consideration of home improvements. Our expert writers from around the world are ready to serve their expertise which can help you renovate your home precisely.


Beauty Ibandhu

All the girls out there, here we are ready to spread awareness on different beauty related journals which will help you look gorgeous. Know about latest trends, fashion along with few life hacks which can be very helpful.




Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. This famous quote represents the taste of fashion from different regions. People always notice a person with his/her dressing sense. Fashion from Italy to Australia, here you can read about interesting fashion related articles. Whether it is clothing, footwear, hats, glasses, here you can learn about all types of trending fashion around the globe.

Life hacks

Under this category you can learn about different techniques which can improve your skills to enhance standard of living. Our expert writers will share their extraordinary knowledge with you which can be very useful in our daily routines. Make your life easy with these over-the-top tricks in your daily routine like, the best way, do you know (DYK), beauty hack, etc.


News ibandhuWant to know, what is happening around the world? Follow our NEWS category to know latest news and happening around the globe. Whether it is Bollywood or Hollywood, Politics, Celebrity, Businesses, Finance, Entertainment, It industry, etc. we aim to share latest updates.



Business and Finance - IbandhuIncrease your profit with our business and finance related articles, news and journals. Use multiple dimension ideas to enhance your business from the influencers of worldwide. Manage your portfolios with enhanced techniques and grow your business. Take your institution at topnotch level and compete your business with global institutions.



Entertainment IbandhuPeople around the world always seek for Entertainment which can come inform of sports, plays, television, cinema, music, and drama. After ridiculous daily routine life, a person wants entertainments every day. Follow this category and you can get regular updates on your interest of genres.


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We on Ibandhu also allow guest writers to express their views on various topics that make our website more substantial. We have different mix of life hacks, food, news, and some very informative content on technology, written by various professionals.

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